Safe Car Pranks for work?

There is a little lady at my work that likes to write on my windows with car paint, now i think its all in good fun, but its about time i get her back. I want to get her back even worse than just windshield paint. I am asking for any funny car pranks that I could do to her car, there are a few stipulations. It has to be do-able in like 10mins or she will notice im gone from work and get suspicious. Also it cant hurt the car in any way, she is my friend and i don’t wanna do anything truly mean. I hope you guys can come up with some good stuff, ty for your time 🙂

PS she has a Grand am

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  • peter
    1 month ago

    apparently putting brake fluid in the exhaust pipe will make a load of blue smoke come out the back of a car when the pipe heats up. one that was done to me was the internal panel on the door was pulled back a small amount and a couple of shrimps were put in the door and left there. the smell was rotten for about a week. a potato in the exhaust is always a winner or fixing a good whistle to the bottom of the car so when your driving the wind goes in and she’ll hear a whistling sound

  • Andrew
    1 month ago

    the pebble is slightly risky because it could get stuck plus she wouldnt be able to get home without trouble. the brake fluid in the exhaust is toxic. if the potato comes out to fast (which they tend to do) it could damgae the car behind her. and the shrimp prank would require access to her car. not trying to shoot youguys down, just things to take into consideration.

    a good prank i know that is safe and as harmless as window paint:

    all you need is one zip tie. medium sized. wrap it around the cars axel and leave the end hanging off. it will make a VERY lound rattling noise and cause 0 harm to the car. all she needs to fix it is a pair of scissors!

    takes about 30secs to do.

  • i t
    1 month ago

    put a small pebble in her valve stem cover for her tires….it’ll make it go flat. lol…after the pebble is removed you can air it back up….

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