Sadies theme ideas: OPPOSITES ATTRACT?

any ideas?

i want it to be cute and not huge costumes that r too showy and hard to dance in

2 Answers

  • iv0rybeauty
    1 month ago

    Do things like + and – magnets…u can wear a sexy black number red shoes and a plus sign on your dress.. and the guy can wear a nice black suit with a minus on the front!

  • harmonie
    5 days ago

    ok, my college is doing a similar ingredient for the Tolo, in uncomplicated words our’s is fireplace and Ice: Opposites Ignite. i imagine this topic is incredible. Have your date the position something very cool colored and do something with gel in his hair (so as that it has a damp seem, yet not greasy… ewwwww). You positioned on a firey and sassy pink dress with severe stilettos. positioned your hair up in a very sassy and cool updo. this can seem completely incredible!

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