Real Drivers Licence Doesn’t Scan?!?

I went down to the bar with some of my buddies and showed the bouncer my authentic NC drivers license. He then scanned it and told me he couldn’t take it. After scanning it four times with this machine it said that I had “NO D.O.B.” on my drivers license. I’m actually 22 years old and have no clue how that’s possible. Suggestions?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I suggest that the magnetic strip on your license is faulty. request a duplicate from your DMV or use another form of ID. Surely A drivers licence shouldn’t be the only accepted form.

  • Mike
    1 month ago

    did you LOOK at the written information on the face of the license and does it contain your DOB (Date of Birth) ? Just because it does not scan, does not mean that the “bouncer” cannot READ the information. If the document actually is REAL and fails to contain that VERY IMPORTANT information, you need to go to the nearest Motor Vehicle office (preferably the location that issued your document) and find out if they have a “system glitch” which may then appear on many licenses they have already issued for real.

  • wg0z
    1 month ago

    a bad mag stripe does not mean the d/l is invalid, but the bouncer has the right to deny you.

    he was probaby told “dont let anyone in if the d/l doesnt scan OK”. whatever. go elsewhere.

    the bar can deny entry to anyone for any legal reason.

  • Bobby Boucher
    1 month ago

    You should go to the dmv and demand they buy you the drinks you were unable to have because of them.

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