quick question about torque?

A mobile is constructed of light rods, light strings, and beach souvenirs, as shown in Figure P12.10. Determine the masses of the following objects, where d1 = 4.80 cm, d2 = 6.70 cm, d3 = 1.00 cm, d4 = 5.90 cm, d5 = 2.40 cm, and d6 = 5.00 cm.


(a) m1 = ___________ g

(b) m2 = ___________ g

(c) m3 = ___________ g

please provide me with the right answers and the work too. thanks so much!

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    1 month ago

    can’t really be bothered. Here are the equations to balance.

    d5 X 12 = d6 * m1

    d3*m2 = d4*(m1+12)

    d1*(12+ m1 + m2) = d2*m3

    Then stick the numbers in

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