PUR water filters — expiration?

Do UNOPENED replacement cartridges for PUR water filters expire? (The pitcher kind, not the faucet refill.)

I’ve had a PUR replacement cartridge (unopened, sealed in original package) in my closet for 3 years. Can I use it, or do you think it has expired? (The box is all beat up, so if there was an expiration date, it must have been rubbed off.)

Thanks in advance!

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  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

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  • throop
    5 days ago

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  • Ruben Banini
    10 hours ago

    don’t worry about this, you can still use it. Pur water filter replacement cartridge using carbon filter(activated carbon). Carbon filters can be used even if stored for a long time as long as it remains in good condition (not dented). Unused carbon filter never expired. Carbon filter that has been used, usually can last 6 months to 1 year. But,It all depends on the water sources used and often or absence we clean it.

  • Losin’ Lately Gambler
    10 hours ago

    Should be fine if it hasn’t been used, just go buy the replacement guidelines as if you bought it new today.

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    good question. it seems like it would be ok to use. do they have a customer service # you can call?

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