PSP can’t obtain IP address?

My PSP used to be able to hook to the internet fine. However it stopped working after the battery ran out. Now every time it connects it fails to obtain the IP address and says that the attempt timed out. Could someone help me? Oh and I have wireless internet.

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Make sure IP is set to auto and I am going to look at my PSP now to se if I can think of anything else for you, this happened to mine, I just have to remember how I fixed it. Check this out in the mean time:…

    Edit: I set all of my IP addresses to custom so they won’t iterfere with eachother and I don’t have anymore internet problems. See if the link helps, if not, I will walk you through a custom IP address.

  • magyar
    4 days ago

    Psp Ip Address

  • huevo0413
    1 month ago

    i had the same problem. the best thing to do is to erase the connection that is saves and reinstall the wireless connection. if that still doesn’t work you are going to have to enter the ip address manually and you could find the ip address on you internet connection icon on your computer. see if that helps

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