Privacy Policy

Welcome to AnswerDatabase, here are some of our privacy policies:

What information do we collect from you?


We store your comments, your answers forever. You will not be able to edit it, but you can delete it by contacting us.


When you comment or respond to questions, you need to enter your email so that we remember you for the next time. If you want to keep your identity secure, enter a fake email, we welcome your contributions, but we also want to protect your identity.


We use browser Cookies to remember you, it does not affect anything about your information security.

Advertising policy

We use advertising to supplement our income. The advertising that we use is the Adsense ad network. We will not be responsible for the advertising content, if it is infringing please report it to Adsense.

Copyright Policy

We hold the copyright to most of the answers on SocialAnswer, we will use the DMCA law to sue other sites for stealing content from my website without my permission.