POWERPNT.EXE-Entry point not found The procedure entry point ?GetDIMSValue@CGUIINKDisplay@@QAEHXZ could …?

… not be located in the dynamic link library dlbtutil.dll.

I’m trying to open ppt as an attachment and it’s giving me this error. It’s been doing it for quite a while now and I’ve uninstalled and installed office again and the problem was not fixed. It also gives me the error message ..ppt was unable to open last time would you like to open in safe mode.. when I try opening my ppt from my program’s list. Can someone plz help me out with this??? I haven’t been able to find the solution online.


My system is XP office 2007

My system is XP office 2007

1 Answer

  • hariss
    1 month ago

    1. The ppt attachment version will be higher than the version on ur pc.

    Ex: The attachment may be 2007 and ur pc may have 2003. Try for a lower version for this prob.

    2. Else if u dont wanna use lower version, save it as lower version, lik save document in 2000-2003 version

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