Pocket God ep. 44 walkthrough?

Does anyone know all of the things you need to do, including hints.

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  • T.I
    9 days ago

    Thank you IPod touch for letting me get the hints!

    1. Hint: And behind door number two…

    Enter the Chamber of Locusts.

    Head over to the Apocolypse Island and open the door and drop a pygmy inside. To the right inside the Chamber of Time will be another door. drop a pygmy in to enter the Locust Room.

    2. Hint: Do you have the stomach for it?

    Poke Locust queen in the belly.

    Just simply tap (And optionally hold for a second) the Queens belly.

    3. Hint: Snack Time!

    Serve Pygmy Snack to Locust Queen.

    Tap & Drag a pygmy into the Queens hands. from there, the queen will commence the eating of the pygmy.

    4. Hint: Eater’s Digest.

    Locust Queen Swallows Pygmy.

    It’s a two-for One deal with #3. The queen mearly just finishes eating the pygmy.

    5. Hint: The miracle of life!

    Locust Queen gives birth to swarm.

    Tap & hold the queen’s belly after it eats a pygmy, letting Locusts out of her tail. hold your finger there until her belly shrinks.

    6. Hint: it’s getting crowded!

    Large swarm panics Pygmies.

    Feed the queen 2 Pygmies worth of Locusts, and they’ll begin to panic and run around, swatting above them.

    7. Hint: The more the merrier!

    Spawn Maximum Locusts.

    Feed the Queen 3 pygmies at once (easier), resulting in the max spawn of Locusts.

    8. Hint: Gather round!

    Create Locust Cluster

    tap anywhere with locusts about to clutter them to one cluster.

    9. Hint: Follow the leader.

    Drag a line of Locusts

    once the locusts have clustered, keep holding your finger and drag a line. they’ll follow your finger. Works a bit like Lightning.

    10. Hint: Metamorphosis

    Turn Pygmy into Mutant Locust

    With the Locusts clustered, drag a line ON TOP of a pygmy. a locust will go into his mouth and transform it into a Mutant Locust.

    11. Hint:Fly! Be free!

    Mutant Locust flies off screen.

    Simply idle for a few seconds and the locust will fly away.

    12. Hint: Exterminate!

    Squash Mutant Pygmy like a bug.

    ONce a Mutant has been made, tap him to make him explode and die.

    13. Hint: Flesh it out

    Make Pygmy locust food.

    drag the locusts from BEHIND the pygmy for them to eat it’s flesh and take his bones.

    14. Hint: Pygmies need protien too.

    Fill Pygmy with Locusts

    Drag the locusts IN FRONT of the pygmy to make it eat some locusts.

    15. Hint: Set them free!

    Pop Pygmy like a baloon.

    Just tap the fat pygmy and it’ll explode like the mutant, killing him in the process.

    16. Hint: Riders of the swarm

    Have locusts pick Pygmy up.

    Drag the locusts UNDERNEATH the pygmy to have them lift the pygmy into the air. any ammount of Locusts can do this.

    17. Hint: Play catch!

    Have locusts toss pygmy.

    With the pygmy floating with the locusts, tap anywhere on the screen to have them toss him.

    18. Hint: Don’t drop the ball

    Locusts catch tossed pygmy.

    Once the Pygmy is tossed, they’ll re-locate themselves where you tapped and catch him.

    19. Hint: Fuit Ninja!

    Slice Pygmy with locusts like sashimi.

    The Hint is FAR more useful than the answer they give you. When the Pygmy is being tossed in the air, quickly slice a line through the halfway point and the pygmy will be cut in half, and obviously die.

    20. Hint: Unavailable

    Locusts drop pygmy

    (This hint I can’t seem to get, sorry. It happens almost simutaniously with #19.) Double tap anywhere on the screen to have the locusts toss the pygmy in that directon and let him trop to the ground.

    21. Hint: Go away!

    Push locusts off screen.

    Drag your finger to the corner of the screen and the locusts will go away.

    22. Hint: You stopped playing with us!

    Locusts drop pygmy from boredom.

    With the pygmy held with the locusts, just idle and the locusts will drop the pygmy after 30 seconds.

    23. Hint: Attention Deficit Disorder

    Locusts get bored and leave.

    This one can happen simutaniously with #22. with some locusts out, just idle for 30 seconds and they’ll leave from boredom.

    Once all of the tasks have been met, you’ll unlock the Locust Queen idol for Battle of the Gods.

    Lvl 1 Stats for sh*ts & Giggles:

    Health: 20

    Power: Cause 4 damage during attack tie for entire battle.

    Type: Fast

    Realm: Animus

    I love this idol because of the tie damage for the whole game. :3

  • Baird
    6 days ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Pocket God ep. 44 walkthrough?

    Does anyone know all of the things you need to do, including hints.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Pocket God

  • ?
    9 days ago

    i dunno the hints but here are the things you need to do:

    1)enter chamber

    2) poke locust in belly

    3) serve pygmy snack to queen

    4) locust queen swallows pygmy

    5) locust queen gives birth to swarm

    6) spawn max.# locusts

    7) large swarm panics pygmy

    8) create locust cluster

    9) drag line of locusts

    10) turn pygmy in to mutant locusts

    11) mutant locust flies off screen

    12) make pugmy locust food

    13) fill pygmy wit locust

    14) pop pygmy filled wit locust like baloon

    15)have locust pick pygmy up

    16) locusts catch tossed pygmy

    17) slice pygmy with locusts fruit ninja style

    18) locust frop pygny

    19) locust get bored and leave

    20) drag locusts off screen

    21) locust toss pygmy

    22) ???

    #22 is “you stopped playing with us”. i dunno what it is.

  • ?
    4 days ago

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  • ?
    4 days ago

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  • ?
    5 days ago

    Pocket God Guide

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

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  • Debroah
    5 days ago

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  • ?
    5 days ago

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