pls… meanings of this words ,,,?

wat do these hindi words haramkhor,,,, and kamina,, means ..

can u pls tell me the meanings in english,,

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  • faiz_096
    1 month ago


    its me,,,,,,

    i can explian you about haramkhor and kamina in english…

    haramkhor means a person who is addicted to rapping a girl, consuming alcohol, eating pig meat,etc all these things are ***** for a muslim… he should not consume it or utilize it ever in a lifetime,, so the person who is addicted to all those things above is called as haramkhor…….

    kamina means a person who is fraud,selfish, greed,means to say a bluffmaster,, who makes fool to others and thinks the opposite person is stupid,,,,,,,,,,

    this is what i have said you accoirding to my knowledge,,,,,,,

  • robbin2685
    1 month ago

    The word “haramkhor” means, the person who is very lazy, and never completes the assigned task.

    The word “Kamina” is for the one who can go down to any extent to do own meaningful things.

    Both of the words are india Abuses.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Meaning Of Kamina

  • anil
    6 days ago

    I agree Asker for ***** khor. Kamina is simply mean in English

  • ?
    5 days ago

    go on google + type in the word :] x

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