please help with homework!?

I need to know the meter of the poem (monometer, dimeter, trimeter…), the signifance of the title, and the theme. Ive been working on my presentation and just need to know if im right.

Gifts (Shu Ting)

My dream is the dream of a pond

Not just to mirror the sky

But to let the willows and ferns

Suck me dry.

I’ll climb from the roots to the veins,

And when leaves wither and fade

I will refuse to mourn

Because I was dying to live.

My joy is the joy of sunlight.

In a moment of creation

I will leave shining words

In the pupils of children’s eyes

Igniting golden flames.

Whenever seedlings sprout

I shall sing a song of green.

I’m so simple I’m profound!

My grief is the grief of birds.

The Spring will understand:

Flying from hardship and failure

To a future of warmth and light.

There my blood-stained pinions

Will scratch hieroglyphics

On every human heart

For every year to come.

Because all that I am

Has been a gift from earth.

—Shu Ting

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  • Kristen
    1 month ago

    Hi I have the exact same homework for a presentation tomorrow…weird. But I think the theme is that you have to give the gifts you have been given to others in order to find meaning in life. And that you should never have regrets when you fully give of yourself because joy comes from inspiring others with your gifts even if it seems minor. Also, in the third stanza…even if you have a tough background it will be worth it to still share gifts with others and touch their hearts. Hope this helped (:

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    i have no idea what the meter is but,

    the signifance of the title is that any ting even the small things are a “gift” from god and the Earth.

    the theme is stop and smell the daisys in other words dont let life pass you by.

    observe the small things because you can find beauty and a story in everything.

    (DEEEEEEP O_o)

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