please help! police left a business card in my door?

the police left a card in my door today asking to call back. its a major crimes unit. (homicide, robberies, kidnapping, etc.) could it be possible they are only asking for information about a crime in an area around me? i haven’t done anything, but i am scared shitless.

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  • MsJAS1985
    1 month ago

    Call them back to find out what the problem is. If you have not done or been involved in anything shady there is nothing to worry about. If you have they wouldn’t have left a card but would have just kept coming back until you were home to talk to them.

  • kampfer
    5 days ago

    Police Business Card

  • ornery and mean
    1 month ago

    If they wanted to talk to you as a suspect … they would not leave a card asking you to call. It’s probably something normal and boring.

    There might have been a crime near your house, and they might be wondering if you saw anything strange that day.

    Nothing to fear, just give them a call.

  • sparky slade
    1 month ago

    Don’t worry i know it can e scary , but if you have nothing to hide then don’t worry about it , just give him a call see what it is about .

    If they do want to talk to you in person then you can take a lawyer but it will be fine

    If you were a suspect in anything then they would not leave a card they would come and get you .

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It’s not you. If it were, they would be waiting at your door, they wouldn’t leave a card! (like, “hey, criminal, please call us when you get home so we can come back and arrest you!” Duhhhhh)

    They want you to call them regarding information on a crime or crimes committed in your neighborhood. They want you to answer some questions about what you’ve seen or heard if anything, and to call them if you do observe criminal activity or suspicious persons in your area.

  • Tobasco
    1 month ago

    It’s likely they want to ask you some questions about a crime committed against someone in your area, or someone connected to you. If you didn’t do anything, you have nothing to worry about. Even if you’re a suspect, they can’t prove anything if there’s nothing to prove.

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    So instead of calling the police and asking them what is going on, you go online and ask random strangers for advice? Stop being stupid and call the number on the card…unless you killed someone. Then I suggest you start running because they have your scent.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you haven’t done anything wrong, then why are you scared?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    only one way to find out… call. it could be as simple as “were you home on this day at this time, no, ok thank you.”

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