please dont let me be pregnant!?

Please don’t moan at me for any of this.. I just need some help.

I’m only 16 and 3 months ago I was raped, by my so called friend…

I’d rather not go into detail, that was hard enough.

Anyway, I wasn’t using contraception, neither did he.. and the last thing I want is to be pregnant, but I just want to get some ideas… before finally telling my parents whats happened.

I have money, but would be far to embarrased to buy a pregnancy test, going to the doctors is a last resort also.

I have had a few symptoms but I’m hoping its nothing:

– unusual abdominal pain

– I’ve passed out twice in the last week

– my periods are always regular, but two months after I was raped, i’d not seen any blood, though 3 weeks ago i had slight bleeding which lasted about 4 days though im not sure if this was a period

– eating double the amount i usually would

– runny nose for no reason

– depression – weird moods

and just other small things like that

thank you so much, and please dont tell me I’m stupid :/

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    1 month ago

    Just buy a test girl. I know… It IS embarrassing but do not mind others. They do not know you anyway. Or buy a test from a pharmacy where you feel safe that no one knows you there. and Im so sorry for hearing this. I know how bad it is.

    I hope he ends up in jail. Rape is not a joke.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I am really sorry to hear this! Hun you’re just going to have to pluck up the courage to buy a pregnancy test, don’t worry they sell loads every day in the shops and will NOT judge you!

    It does sound as though you could be pregnant from what you are telling me but it can only be confirmed if you are pregnant or not by a test. Go buy a test from the shop are if you can ask a friend to and explain your embarrased to do it yourself. The doctors will be understanding as well and will not judge you and will be able to give you advice and help.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    If you were “raped” then you should have reported the incident to the police and they would have made sure you received the proper medical treatment you needed including emergency contraception. When I was in high school there was a girl who told me “I want to f**k your brother and I want to marry him”, I told her “that makes me uncomfortable, leave my brother alone” she spent an entire weekend over at our house and had sex with my brother Friday, Saturday, & Sunday (my older sister accidentally walked in on them the Friday and Sunday, the girl didn’t scream for help, she just hugged up next to my brother like she was in love). So 2 months later the cops show up at our house saying my brother raped the chick and she was pregnant. The police got down to the bottom of it and found out she LIED, she was scared and when her back was pushed against the wall she lied. So if you are lying which we see happen on yahoo so often may you ask God for forgiveness, and if not then report it to the police, its not to late and if you are pregnant the baby is the perfect evidence! Uh, the only thing I can say I good luck…

  • ?
    1 month ago

    if your periods stopped it could be pregnancy. but it could also be down to the stress of the situation. your other signs you listed arent pregnancy signs as such. i do think you need to go to a doctor though. you need to get checked over and tested for stis.

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