Pioneer Avic D3 bypass / hack?

How do you make it possible to watch movies while car is moving? Its not for me its for my passengers. Please help.

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  • martinman_80
    1 month ago

    yes, you just have to wire the parking break chord to the back of the p break instead of the front. (wire it to ground)

    if this dosent work:

    Under the unit, there is a silver sticker. remove sticker. there are two solder points under sticker. You need to solder a jumper between the two points. either a piece of wire, or just create the jumper from the solder. I will warn you. Be careful to not over heat the area. Also, this will void your warranty.

    huh, that one guy gave us all thumbs down… punk.

    please dont be in idiot and try to watch a movie while driving.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Avic D3 Bypass

  • Sell W
    1 month ago

    I found a website that has guides for all Pioneer AVIC units. I bought a bypass guide for my Pioneer Avic N3 ans it worked great!!! Guide comes with full instructions and pictures. They have a bypass guide for your Pioneer Avic D3 also. Hope this helps buddy.


  • Jason
    1 month ago

    Ok Oklatom is WRONG!

    It can be done and as for paying for this info… well that’s not an option. Here is a website that will give you what your looking for.

    This is a website my pioneer rep turned me on to about a year ago.

    and here is the actual page for your d3


  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    You want to defeat a safety feture designed to protect you and others on the road? My 2 year old nephew was killed by a fuktard watching movies. Please, don’t be a fuktard. Anyone giving this information is liable for any injuries or deaths you cause.

  • oklatom
    1 month ago

    If the screen is in a place where the driver can see it, you can’t.

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