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A grocery shopper tosses a 9.0 kg bag of rice into a stationary 18.0 kg grocery cart. The bag hits the cart with a horizontal speed of 5.5m/s toward the front of the cart. what is the final speed of the cart and bag?

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  • kash
    1 month ago

    1.8 m/s

    This is a conservation of momentum question.

    The initial momentum= p = mv = (9 kg)(5.5 m/s)

    The final m(total)v is equal to this as well, and would be

    (9 + 18)v = (27)v = 9(5.5)

    v = 5.5/3 = 1.8 m/s

  • mjasper33
    1 month ago

    Conservation of momentum problem. Look it up in your physics book, but i believe it is:

    m1*v1 = m2*v2


    9kg*5.5m/s = (9kg+18kg)*v2

    =1.83 m/s

    Of course this assumes a perfectly elastic collision with NO friction between the cart and ground.

  • oscar m
    1 month ago

    2.2 m/s

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