physics 11 force/fiction question?

a racing car that has a mass of 1500 kg is accelerating at 5.0 m/s square. The car experiences a lift force of 600 N up and 1000 N down. find the driving force needed to keep the car driving if (MU) for the car is 1.0.


the answer is 2.26 x 10 to the power of 4 N

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  • Pearlsawme
    1 month ago

    Net downward force = mg +1000 -600 =

    1500*9.8 + 1000 -600 = 15100

    Normal reacton is 15100 N

    Frictional force = μ* 15100 = 15100 N

    Force pulling the car with acceleration is

    ma =1500* 5 = 7500 N

    The net force needed is 7500 +15100= 22600 N


  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

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