Paint job for a chevy s10?

i don’t need the jams painted just the outside, and i want it pained the same color. can some one give me an estimate on how much this would cost?

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    Maaco will simply paint your truck for something like 300 bucks I will paint your truck and do the required body work to make it last and be awesome for around 4500 dollars. The paint is like 800 bucks and there is like 30 hours prep time to do a good job with a straight truck minimal body work.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    that’s a type of “carry it to a bodyshop and have them eyeball it and then they are able to furnish you an estimate in writing. that’s a hardcore kind and that they can’t deviate from it (basically can pass decrease). i do no longer think of you’re able to whinge if interior the tip the fee is decrease because it may be. fee out the paint from an autobody furnish shop. you’re able to wish a gallon. and 2 gallons of reducer and in all probability another ingredients and that’s honest expensive. upload interior the fee of overlaying tape and paper – then you definately comprehend what it may value you to do it your self (of course I anticipate you have a 5 gallon air compressor and a high quality spray gun plus the placement and the flexibility had to spray. And the bodywork on your truck is suitable and it fairly is been sanded and prepped wiped sparkling waiting for the paint; precise?). shall we see, I had a protracted scratch on one area of my new automobile. (assurance kind of factor.) Went to physique shops to have them estimate the fee to paint a million/4 of the motor vehicle(mini van). 5 fees I have been given from 5 shops, one replaced into contained domestically of $2 hundred and the optimal replaced into $1100. and the others have been interior the $seven-hundred variety. No paint coloration fade had occurred yet because of the fact the automobile replaced into 2 weeks previous. assurance paid so I went with the optimal fee in simple terms because of the fact if there replaced right into a difficulty, i’d desire to pass back to them, moreso than we could say the $2 hundred shop. So get some estimates from the bodyshops in you area–otherwise pass to the community ironmongery shop and %. up a pair gallons of living house paint interior the colour you pick and do the comb and curler factor. particularly, it completely relies upon on the truck and its meant use..

  • Captain Awesome
    1 month ago

    Maaco will paint it for $250. Or they will actually strip the old paint and repaint it for $500.

  • pedro7of9
    1 month ago

    i think lyndon ment 500 dollars,,,any shop in the phone book can do it for that,,,[no body work]

  • mister ss
    1 month ago

    between $3,500 and $5,000 depending on any body work needed.

  • Lyndon
    1 month ago

    nothing over 5000

  • Michael S
    1 month ago

    $2.89 for a can of spray paint.

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