pagan piercings in leeds do they have a website?!?

i cant find the website

thanx :] x

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  • Basement Bob
    1 month ago

    They don’t have a web site.

    Pagan Body Piercing Map

    5 Call Lane


    LS1 7DH

    Telephone: 0113 242 4840



    Opening Times:

    Mon–Sat 10am–5pm, Sun 11.30am–4pm


    Car Parking


    Bring our own designs

    User Reviews for Pagan Body Piercing

    I had my tragus pierced from Pagans, and it was cheap and clean. The staff were very friendly and made me feel very welcome and relaxed. I’ve heard lots of bad reviews about Pagans, but personally I think it’s a safe place to get piercings. They told me how to clean my piercing too. I’m getting my navel done soon, and i’m getting it done at Pagans. I would recomment Pagans to anyone.

    – Hannah from Leeds on 03/11/2006 –

    I had many of my piercings done at Pagan and there has never been any problems as far as I’m concerned. Bad reviews usually come from bad customers!

    – Jo from Yorkshire on 05/12/2006 –

    I had a navel piercing in AUGUST 2006 and it still has not healed and bleeds! Pagans is not very clean or a friendly place however I went to see for myself…now I know. Not satisfied.

    – Sam from Leeds on 29/11/2006 –

    I have visited Pagan Body Piercing several times! The first was too have my navel pierced. After that i had three piercings done to my ears, which over all makes five piercings. The last visit i payed was to have my nipple pierced. I have never had a problem with Pagan Body Piercing and would recommend their services to anybody! All of my friends also use their services!

    – Lora Platt from Leeds on 01/12/2006 –

    I’ve got three piercings on total ive got my nipple pierced my lip and my ear ive used pagan for ages and when i go there i always get a very nice welcome they put my mind at ease and are very friendly people ive recamended then to my mates and they’ve been and all got pioercings done

    – gav from leeds on 13/01/2007 –

    I had my neck pierced twice at pagan and its always been a clean and welcome enviroment. i always have trouble with piercings as they tend to get rejected(nipple, eyebrow and lip) but i’ve never had any trouble with the ones i got from pagan.

    – Helen from Castleford on 26/01/2007 –

    I have 6 piercings, all of which I had done at pagan! I have my left nostril and 5 ear piercings. The staff are friendly, the prices are very reasonable as opposed to other places and they are clean. People say alot of bad things about pagan. Even those who’ve never even had a piercing. Let alone from their studio. I personally have NEVER had a problem with ANY of the piercings I have all of which are form there. What ever happens to your piercings and how they heal is down to your body and how you clean it and take care of it. It’s nothing to do with how pagan pierce it. Because you’ll notice that the other places do it exactly the same!!

    – Adam Copley from Leeds on 29/01/2007 –

    As one of Lora Platts friends i agree that pagans is clean &friendly! i went for my clitoris hood pierced a few weeks ago and there has been no problems so far. Its all good!! for cheap body piercings pagans is the place!

    – emily lynn from leeds on 30/01/2007 –

    I can’t knock Pagans as a whole, but I think it depends on which member of staff does the piercing. I have 13 peircings in total and half of them done at Pagans, including my tongue, which I have had done twice as I let it heal then changed my mind a few years later. I have had both nipples pierced at Pagans but at separate times. The first time I had no problems at all, but the second time was pierced by a different member of staff and in my opinion it was rushed. It seemed like they couldn’t get me out quick enough. All my other piercings have been fine.

    – Laura from Leeds on 09/02/2007 –

    I had my right tragus pierced from Pagans and it is very clean and healed very well. It is a lovely studio; I was welcomed by the women behind the till and also by the piercer. He was very gentle and told me how to clean my piercing. I am getting my handweb pierced and I’m definitely going to get it done at Pagans!

    – Krista from Leeds on 10/02/2007 –

    I had my navel pierced today and I am very unhappy as it is wonky!!!!!! It is not in the center of my navel; it is to the left side. I’m going to go back and see what they can do!! So upset!!

    – Fiona from Leeds on 03/03/2007 –

    I’ve had eight ear piercings at Pagan’s. I’ve found they don’t heal very well and I’ve had to take two out because they hurt for weeks after. I’d like to get my nose bridge pierced but I’m a bit nervous about getting it done at Pagan’s because of my experience with my ears so I might look elsewhere. But as for ear piercings, I find they are often slightly “manky” for a few weeks but as long as you clean them they’ll soon be fine again. I reckon why I had problems is because I wasn’t very dedicated when it came to cleaning.

    – Bethan from Keighley on 07/03/2007 –

    Got my lip done at Pagans… Healed very well, and they changed the bar after 2 weeks, too. Not a problem with the actual piercing, it’s the environment that’s scary! Doesn’t look to be very sterile. Not only that, they pierce anyone, at any age and don’t ask you any health questions. It’s straight in, pierced, straight out.

    – Nikita from Leeds on 26/03/2007 –

    I have had several piercings at Pagans and after being pierced by most places in the city centre, I have found them to be the best of a bad bunch, to be honest. I have just had a Monroe done at Pagans and they were very quick and professional. Also, I love the old woman behind the counter… how random! The state of your piercing and how it heals is down to your care and your body, not how the piercer did it. If it goes manky, it’s your fault. I always follow a cleaning routine and take suppliments to help healing and I have never had a bad piercing.

    – Kitty from Leeds on 23/03/2007 –

    I had my ear pierced and was not happy at all. The staff were moody, unhelpful and did a poor job on the ear lobe. Would not reccommend Pagans to anyone.

    – sam from leeds on 31/03/2007 –

    I had my tongue pierced at Pagan and found the piercing area grubby and the staff huffy and unreassuring with no advice on after-care. All they wanted to do was get me out again. Although I think the healing is mainly up to the individual once it has been pierced you can have a much better experience for the same price elsewhere.

    – beth from leeds on 18/04/2007 –

    Pagan is the worst piercing place I have ever been. They were disgustingly rude, the place was dirty and it was a general let down. Their selection of rings was awful and in my opinion overpriced. I come from London, and would rather pay London prices for quality experiences. It’s all about the experience, and Pagan ruined that for me. I actually wanted to nut the woman who did my piercing! she was a loon!

    – jess from leeds on 02/05/2007 –

    I had my eyebrow pierced at Pagans and it was fine: nice, quick and painless job. It’s a very clean shop and has great aftercare advice; they gave me a leaflet on how to keep my piercing clean. There are thousands of people that have had a piercing done at pagans, and they have healed great, but you only seem to hear about the ones that didn’t because nobody complains about it if it’s ok, only if it’s bad – get my meaning? THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: you only ever hear the BAD never the GOOD. So I’m telling you the good for once!

    – dawn wood from leeds 14 on 18/05/2007 –

    I first had my navel pierced at Pagans and found it very clean. The staff were very friendly also. My navel healed just fine. I am going back there soon to get my tragus pierced and if my experience ends up the same as last time I have nothing to worry about!

    – Jodie from Leeds on 23/05/2007 –

    I’m no expert regarding piercing but I’m not exactly a stranger to it either. My brother took me to Pagans (it was the only one open) for a simple helix piercing, as a belated birthday present. The staff were bearable but I felt as though they wanted my piercing to be over and done with as soon as possible. I wasn’t asked any health questions and the crazy woman behind the counter handled my jewellery without wearing any gloves (her hands could have been anywhere!). The piercing itself was fine but I wasn’t offered any information about aftercare and was disturbed by the strong smell of cigarette smoke in the actual piercing room. I can’t complain about how the piercing has turned out as I experienced no complications but have proceeded to go to LPS for all my subsequent piercings.

    – Catherine from Leeds on 30/05/2007 –

    This “shop” recently performed a tongue piercing on my 13 year old son. Needless to say I shall be taking this much further with the appropriate authorities.

    – Samantha from Leeds on 05/06/2007 –

    I haven’t had anything pierced yet but I’m getting my lip pierced on Tuesday 26/6/07 in the morning and I can’t wait and my bezzie mate is getting the top of her ear pierced as well and she can’t wait…

    – claire white from leeds on 25/06/2007 –

    I had my lip done there on Sat 30th June. I find that from my experience of the different piercers in Pagans the man and the younger woman are the best. I don’t know whether you can have preference and ask for who you like, but I feel the elder woman is a bit rough and can not be as reassuring as the others. My lip was done by the man, and he was very reassuring and made sure that I was okay. However when I asked for the piercing and they asked which ball I wanted, the man and the elderly lady behind the counter started bickering which isn’t really good service – I wonder if they’re mother and son? But overall, I would always go for Pagans as I trust them!

    – Emma from Leeds on 04/07/2007 –

    I had my navel done at Pagans while in Leeds last summer: the experience could have been better, could have been worse… Quick, painless but very impersonal, poor choice in jewellery and not hygienically stored – all I can say is that like Fiona (above) my piercing was wonky to the left and after 7 months it hadn’t healed properly – madness – so I took it out. I used the tea tree they sold me but the entry wound just wouldn’t fully heal, (the exit wound was absolutely fine) hey-ho, perhaps it was just me, but it was wonky and that’s not my fault! I liked having the piercing and miss it so subsequently am looking for somewhere closer to home to have it done again!

    – Leila from Cheshire on 05/07/2007 –

    just had my third piercing at Pagan. as always, quick and painless. it was done by the girl with blonde hair (sorry dont know her name). she was really reassuring and friendly and aftercare explanation was given. Some kids came in for piercings whilst i was there and were all refused as they had no ID on them so shes a responsible piercer too .

    – happy pierced person from leeds on 05/07/2007 –

    I had my nose pierced at Pagans and I have never had any problems with it. They did a really great job and were very friendly to customers 🙂 I am off back next week to also get my lip pierced 🙂 Can’t wait!

    – jess from LEEDS on 12/07/2007 –

    I have had all my my piercings done at Pagan and never had any problems and would go back anytime. People complain about going in and out very quickly but when you’re doing piecings day in day out its obvious you’re gonna get faster at doing them, it’s like anything.

    – Kelly from Leeds on 13/07/2007 –

    I have had my top ear pierced at Pagans and am going to get my tragus pierced. I was very nervous about getting my tragus pierced as I heard if it’s done wrong it can rot, but now am very happy about getting it done because of all the positive comments being posted. 🙂 When I went to get my top ear done there before it was very clean and had a friendly atmosphere and would recommend my friends to go there.

    – laura from leeds on 14/07/2007 –

    Had my upper ear pierced twice at Pagans recently. The lady was very nice, the process was quick and relatively painless and she advised on aftercare to avoid any infections, etc. If I was in the market for more piercings I’d definitely go back to Pagans.

    – Deb from Leeds on 21/07/2007 –

    I adore Pagans. I’ve had my upper ear done twice there. The first time went wrong, solely because I had an allergic reaction to the jewellery, but the second time I changed it quickly enough. I also got my belly button pierced in March, and although it’s still not completely healed, I’m amazed with the outcome as I’ve had ZERO problems with it. I agree that it depends WHO does your piercing. I prefer the young blonde girl most of all, as she’s very friendly and assured me that my piercings would not hurt [she did them both]. I recommend it to anyone.My sister had her bellybutton done there too, and a a friend had her upper ear and nose done. Its an excellent place =] x

    – Cookie from Leeds on 23/07/2007 –

    I’ve had 3 piercings at Pagan. The staff are friendly and make you feel at ease, plus it’s very cheap and clean. I recommend that everyone who wants to be pierced should go there!

    – Lottie from Wakefield on 24/07/2007 –

    I’m only 15 years old and have had 3 piercings done at Pagan .. It is a really nice place and they really comfort you with your fears .. i would definately reccomend Pagaan to anyone .. shame i have to be 16 to get my eybrow pierced!

    – Nik from Leeds on 25/07/2007 –

    I went to Pagans to get my right helix done. I went with my mum so I had an adult to give me permission. The woman who did it told my mum the price (4 – not bad) and then placed a small box on the counter with around 8 different style studs. After I chose one she sent me into one of the piercing rooms whilst she (I hope she did anyway) went to get clean equipment. I sat down on the bed and then she pierced it with a gun without asking me about placement. She quickly told me about after care (something to do with the tea tree I had bought from the shop). She never told me the gauge of the jewellery, I’ve just had to guess that it’s probably 18g. Week since i’ve had it done and it seems fine though.

    – Louise from Leeds on 16/08/2007 –

    I went 2 Pagans first to get my nose done. That all went well – I had that dun @ the age of 14. I then went again @ the age of 16 to get my tongue done. This was the worst thing I ever did; they put a gold bar in which they are not allowed 2 do, and it swelled so much I could not shut my mouth and my tongue was going over the ball of the bar. I went 2 see another piercing place and they told me Pagans had done it wrong and that I shouldn’t use mouthwash because of the alcohol in it which Pagans told me to use. I would not advice any1 2 go 2 Pagans for anything, they don’t take complaints or advice well. They need 2 be investigated.

    – sarah from leeds on 19/08/2007 –

    Recently I told you about getting my right helix done and on a trip to Leeds yesterday with a friend I decided to show her where I had got it done. I went inside just to have a look at the jewellery and grab a price list when a older woman who was not in the studio previously asked my friend if she wanted her helix done now. My friend and I are both 14 and had no parents with us, but Pagans did not question our age, presuming we were over 16 or just not caring. I went into the small piercing part of the studio with my friend and saw the man wipe her ear with an anti-bacterial wipe, something which the woman who did mine two weeks earlier didn’t do. The procedure was the same but the man made us feel comfortable and went through cleaning regimes with us. On a whim, I decided to get another helix lower down to create a double one; once again the man cleaned it and made us feel more comfortable. still didn’t tell me the jewellery size though!

    – Louise from Leeds on 24/08/2007 –

    i want my navel doing but i went with 2 of my friends to have theirs done and they both seemed happy with theirs but im worried about some comments below – some werent happy and some were exstatic i just want my belly button piercing to be done safely and in a clean place. now im sooo confused!!! HELPP!

    – nervouss about piercings from leeds on 26/08/2007 –

    pagan is the worst place u can go 2, i went there 2day 2 get my nose pierced and the woman was drunk she was unbelievably rude she just didnt want me there. she gave me no reassurance no nothing i would not recomend pagan 2 so glad i walked out and its very unclean…im surprised people here thought the workers were friendly…never experienced anyone more ruder than them.

    – asian_gyal from leeds on 28/08/2007 –

    I had my eyebrow done at Pagans and I thought it was very clean and friendly although my friends think otherwise, im going to get my nipple done there in a few weeks.

    – Jacko from Leeds on 02/09/2007 –

    just had my third lobe done at pagans, and although I found the price very reasonable (Â3 an ear) I thought that the older woman who did it was very unhelpful. She wouldn’t let me look in a mirror to see if the pen dot was in the right position, saying “I do about a hundred of these a week” and I didn’t notice her wash her hands and she certainly didn’t have any gloves on. Luckily the piercing looked fine, but they didn’t offer me any after care and it was as if they couldn’t wait for me to leave. My right ear has swollen quite badly and I’m going to the doctors tomorrow to get it checked out. I wouldn’t reccommend Pagans but I wouldn’t advise against going there either.

    – Michelle from leeds on 09/09/2007 –

    i had my navel pierced 4 days ago at pagans and i had no trouble with my piercing at all and will be getting my tragus pierced, many of my friends have been there and have had no trouble, and as jo said, bad reviews usually come from bad customers, which is very true, if it goes infected afterwards, its the customers fault for not looking after it..any piercing studio has to use clean needles and be sterile, if it wasnt…it wouldnt be open now would it

    – nikki from allerton bywater on 01/10/2007 –

    I went to Pagans to get the top of my ear pierced and I experienced no problems. All of my friends go there to get their piercings done and there has never been any major incident! I’m going back soon to get my tragus done (: It’s clean and the people in there are friendly. I would recommend!

    – Sophie from Leeds on 02/10/2007 –

    I’ve had 4 standard ear piercings, my nose and my tragus pierced at Pagan and they’ve all been great – I’m a real fainter as well and they’ve always gone to the trouble of hiding all the equipment from me. All my friends get pierced here, covering everying from lips to nipple piercings, all without problem.

    – Emily from Leeds on 03/10/2007 –

    Had my tongue done at Pagans a week ago now and it seems fine, although no after care advice was given i just got some off the internet(easy enough). the lady that did it was very quick and reassured me everything would be fine – they did them all the time. Was glad it was over and done with quickly cos although ive wanted it done for 5 years i was still nervous. so i found that was the best way. i also nearly fainted after and the lady was very good and gave me a drink and time to lie down until i felt better. I would go back there.

    – Heather from Leeds on 25/10/2007 –

    I LOVE Pagans! I have had 3 of my piercings done here, my ears were done by the man who was very rude but my tongue and clitoral hood were done by the young woman and she has always been very helpful and reassuring. The environment is very clean and the after-care she provides is great too. I am going back in a week to get my tongue bar changed, all inc in the price! 10 out of 10!

    – Sara from Leeds on 07/11/2007 –

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