Orange flourescent tube lights?

I have a pair of 2 fluorescent tube lights that wont light up correctly. When I turn the switch on, the ends of the tubes dimly glow orange. What does this mean and how do I fix it? Please help ASAP.

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  • dtstellwagen
    10 hours ago

    It is a little hard to specify exactly without seeing the the ballast type, but this is characteristic of 1 1/12″ (F40T12) lamps, the ballast needs to heat the cathodes at the end of the lamp to allow the arc to be established. If you can see cathodes glowing then that end is good, but the other end may have failed. If all 4 ends glow then the ballast has failed and cannot establish the arc, or if your fixture is really old it may have an ” fs-4 starter” that has failed. If it is a failed fs-4 style starter with the power on and lamps installed try twisting the starter out, if the lamps start then the starter is definitely the fault.

    It could also mean you have put in the wrong lamps, and the ballast is not capable of operating the lamps you have installed, check the label on the ballast and only use lamps that specifically match.

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    at the ends of the tube are devices that glow. once these are worn out, the tube starts flickering. you can’t fix this.

  • 808fl
    10 hours ago

    time to renew tube

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