OK / Not OK to groom a pregnant dog.?

what do you think. I think if the dog is not used to it it just causes unnecessary stress would would obviously not be good for her. I am a groomer & have explained this to a client bringing her pregnant dog in for the 1st time but she still insisted on bringing her. I told her I would of course I’d be as gentle as possible & try to make a calm environment for her but cannot be held responsible if anything were to happen. BTW she is an absolute retard i asked how far along the dog was she said she didn’t know.. didn’t even know how long dogs stay pregnant for etc… I don’t like breeders but whats your opinion on this?

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    1 month ago

    The dog’s person sounds like a stump; maybe you could suggest she speak with the dog’s vet to determine what is the best for the dog? Other than that, suggest she use that dry shampoo or those wet pet bath towelettes and give the dog a good brushing.

    You sure are a caring groomer, very nice you are out there.

  • CS
    1 month ago

    As both a breeder and a groomer I would at the very least attempt to groom the dog, if for no other reason than hygiene for the sake of the puppies. Shave the belly to expose the nipples, shave the vulva area to prepare for the birth. If the dog is a complete disaster, shave the whole dog. Bathing should not be an issue as long as the dog is dried thoroughly. I believe it is better to have a clean and sanitary environment for the puppies. Other than some exposure to stress with a dog new to grooming, there is seldom any real risk in the grooming process if done by a professional with enough experience to do the job correctly.

    My own girls are bathed and “pregnancy trimmed” about a week before they are due.

    If you don’t like breeders, where does your clientele come from? Personally, I love responsible breeders who educate their puppy buyers about grooming, breeding etc. I wish all my clients came armed with such knowledge! It’s unfortunate, but the majority of dog owners really don’t have a clue. I feel it’s part of my job to educate them on the proper care of their pets, not to just write them off as “retarded” and refuse to help.

  • DaBasset – BYBs kill dogs
    1 month ago

    Although I dislike doing it, I have groomed a couple of VERY pregnant dogs. It was necessary to clear the hair away from the belly and birth area (pity the idiot owners didn’t think of it sooner….). However, if this is the first time the dog is being groomed I don’t think I would do it. At the very least I would make it clear to the owner that if I feel the dog is at all stressed it will be sent home, whether the grooming is finished or not, and that the dog wouldn’t get any fancy grooming, just what is necessary for sanitation and comfort.

    Problem is, if it’s old enough to be pregnant and never been groomed it’s probably a matted mess and desparately needs the hair removed for the puppies’ safety.

    People suck.

  • china
    1 month ago

    You being in business have to know you have to put up with a lot of crap from people. I own my own company so I know what some people have to put up with. Even though you think they are a retard you shouldn’t say it out loud. I..for one… have mine groom a week or two before she has her puppies..I just make sure the belly is shaved and her nails are clip. But my dog knows and loves my groomer.

    With this lady you could have told her to come in with her dog and stay with it. Between you and her you could have groomed the dog. Her being with the dog could have kept her calm.

    I also see here that you don’t like breeders but yet you groom dogs. Scratching my head on that one. It is a shame but not everyone knows when their dog is due or how long they have been pregnant. Sometimes an owner will look down on their dog and say hu oh when did this happen. That is people. Deal with it.

    It is so hard so very hard finding a good groomer. It took me a long time to find one. That is why people should talk about in here.I can give you lots of horror stories on groomers. And by you calling some one a retard I wouldn’t bring my dogs to you.

  • bluebonnetgranny
    1 month ago

    I groomed dogs for 15 years and bathing a pregnant dog shouldn’t be a problem. If the dog is really taxed by grooming I would do as little as necessary especially if it were at the last part of pregnancy. I wouldn’t do any scissor cuts but I would shave her down so that she is clean for when the pups arrive. Puppies will be all over mom and if she has long matted hair they can actually get strangled in her coat.

    If you don’t want to groom her the owner will find someone else to do it. You know and I know that there are some groomers out there that don’t give a damn about the dogs and are just earning their money.

    I specialized in behavioral problems and the dogs that came to me where treated as if they were my own. Some dogs would jump out of their cars and come running to my door and beg to be let in. They never shook or was nervous they actually loved coming to see Aunt Shirley.

    I would groom the dog but I wouldn’t cage her.

  • Sandy_cruzir
    1 month ago

    Personally, I would absolutely not groom the dog. She obviously is not a knowledgeable breeder. Just in it for the money, the kind of breeder no one should buy puppies from. I would simply say that you are booked up and that you would be happy to take care of her after the pups are delivered and weened. Unless you need the business, in that case, I would consult a vet, and make her sign a release before I ever touched the dog. Even with that I probably still wouldn’t do it.

    I don’t know what kind of dog it is, but say the pups sell for $700 a piece, and 5 pups die and they blame the grooming session for their demise. She now sues you for $3,500 + pain and suffering. Who’s to say they wouldn’t have died anyways, but because mommy was groomed they will blame the process. Of course you could always fork out a few hundred for autopsy’s to try to prove differently. Is one shampoo and haircut worth the risk? Save yourself all the stress, it is just easier to say no.

  • Fetch 11 Humane Society
    1 month ago

    If it were my business I would refuse to accept appointments for any dogs that are pregnant. Too many things can go wrong:

    The female or her developing pups may be affected adversely by any shampoos, conditioners or other chemicals you use.

    The female could catch a chill and become ill which would put both her and her pups in jeopardy.

    Lifting (or, in a worst case scenario, dropping) the pregnant dog may inadvertanly harm the developing pups, damage the birth sacs, start the dog’s labor prematurely, etc.

    It’s ultimately YOUR business, not the client’s — and if something goes wrong, and you don’t have a specific contract that protects you from litigation your business can be ruined.

    Tell the client that your primary concern is for the health and safety of her dog, and you’re not willing to put the dog in a possibly perilous situation just so it can be “pretty”.

    ((We also wouldn’t accept dogs that are in heat…))

    BTW: In future, please avoid words like “retard”; it’s a very derrogatory epithet that can get you into trouble if your client sees this posting. She can file a suit against you for defamation.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    She sounds like she’s in for quite a shock, and she’s certainly not a breeder! My advice is to use your experience with dogs as a source of ‘expert advice’ for her. Tell her putting undo stress on the dog during pregnancy is bad for both Mom and babies. If she wants to start regular grooming after the birth fine, but put your foot down for now.

  • nita
    1 month ago

    Personally i would not trim the dog its ridicules to put the dog through unnecessary stress and dogs only Carrie there pups for about 8 weeks so its not that important it could wait till after she as give birth

  • fire_goddess444
    1 month ago

    I know that some dogs require grooming to keep from getting tangled fur etc. I don’t think that grooming is the issue. I think you are taking more issue with the fact that she is an irresponsible pet owner! (I would be too!)

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