Nokia e72 stuck on offline mode?

My Nokia is stuck on offline mode and wont go on any other profile.. every time I try to change it a message pops up saying it can’t and then goes back to offline..

Its an unlocked phone yet I noticed when I got a new simcard is when the trouble started.. although it was from the same company .. its also lagging terribly whenever it did work especially when I checked my photos.. it initially stopped working when I took a photo.. it just started lagging and then offline mode..

I bought a new phone already but its just annoying .. any suggestions?

1 Answer

  • Miss Bee
    9 days ago

    its not recognising ur simcard. Whether its damaged i cant tell, but i do know that nokias automatically go into offline mode when no simcard is in the phone and they wont let u change profile. So its definitely the card thats the problem, not the phone.

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