NBA: what does clinched conference or divison mean? 10 POINTS!!?

I’m a total Laker fan, by the way.

10 pts for best answer!! 🙂 So what does it mean?

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  • The Mini Black Mamba®How Bout Em!
    9 days ago

    Thanks for picking my Aside from Michael Jordan who is best SG answer as best answer. Clinched Conference or Division is when you have won all the games u need to move into playoffs.

  • ♛Linjured!♛
    9 days ago

    Clinched conference or division means that they have won the division or conference no matter what.

    For example, the Lakers have a clinched playoff spot, along with clinching the pacific division, but not the western conference. I’m a Lakers fan too so hope they win 😀

  • Eli
    9 days ago

    With the remaining games left it means there is no one in your conference or your division that can possible beat your ranking because you have more wins than them. If you clinched your conference or division it does mean you’ll automatically go to the playoffs but you’ll have to have the best record amongst all the division leaders in your conference to be the #1 seed.

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    Simple. Clinched basically means that you are guaranteed of winning that spot, even if you lose every remaining game and the team behind you wins them all.

    So clinched conference means you are guaranteed of having the best record in the conference and clinched division means you’re guaranteed of having the best record in your division, no matter what happens the rest of the season.

  • The Hidden™
    9 days ago

    The team has the best record in the conference or division.

  • auxier
    4 days ago

    What Does Conferencing Mean

  • That guy in the corner
    9 days ago

    Ur Going to playoffs no matter what!

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    Your in the playoffs no matter what

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