nBA 2k13 shooting feedback?

when i have player shooting feedback on what does the icons mean on the side. i know that the first one is the timing you released it. the 3rd one is how close the opponet was when you shot it. and the 4th is the overall grade of the shot. but what does the second one mean(looks like a backboard with something in front of it) thanks for your help and it not where it hit on the backboard because i swish it all the time and very rare hit the backboard(actually i haven’t hit the backboard on a jumpshot yet)

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  • Mamba™
    9 days ago

    The other one is a guesstimate where the ball is going to land around the rim

  • Win
    9 days ago

    The first one yes is shot timing.

    The second one is shot range. If you have a player that has a low 3 point rating and you try to shoot from 3 point range then it will be red.

    The third one is how contested your shot is. If a defender contests very well it will be red.

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    The 2nd icon is a picture of the perimeter, it tells you if you are shooting out of your range.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    When i shot the second one is always red and it pissing me off.. help

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