nail polish color for big feet..!!!!!!!!?

hi, im 13 and have size 10 feet. i know huge. well i am really really insecure of them i was wondering is there was a nail polish color tht made your feet look bit smaller or if there was anything that could.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    ha sorry bout that.

    Don’t go for bright colors that will draw attention to them like hot pink or bright blue or something.

    You have two options- go for a dark color or go for a pale color. A soft pink might look nice.

    No color will make your feet look darker, but trying to draw less attention to them helps.

    Another tip is to keep your toenails painted so if someone looks at your feet, they will look at the nails rather than the size of the foot.

    So good luck. 😉

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    When I was thirteen I had size 10 feet also. Don’t stress. I use OPI’s dark purple color. It makes my feet look tiny. OPI is generally the best nail polish. The brush is nice and big and it is very easy to apply it cleanly. It is available at target and trade secret, as well as many other retailers.

  • molly. [cream of the crop]
    1 month ago

    I don’t think color can make anything look smaller, but try a shade that doesn’t draw attention, so people won’t keep looking at your feet – like nude pink, pale colors, etc.

  • Texaschic101
    1 month ago

    im 13 too!!!


    well i would go with a dark color.

    a bright color makes it kinda pop, and acutally tends to make things bigger. soo no bright colors.

    try a drak plum color,

    or dark red, is really nice:)

    hope it helps;)

  • Patricia
    6 days ago

    Getting my first professional pedicure tomorrow. Will report back!

  • AlexissxxNicole.
    1 month ago






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