n64 emulator no controller?

i downloaded the n64 emulator and 2 games for it. i know how to open it with the emulator, but it says “no controller” on every game i try to play on it. my friend did the same thing but his emulator didnt say he needed a controller. any tips why mine is doing that?

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  • aklik11
    1 month ago

    try adjusting the controller settings on your emulator and try if it works

  • ?
    5 days ago

    N64 Emulator For Pc

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Seeing as you did not specify which emulator you are using, I will assume you’re using Project64, a very popular emulator (and if you aren’t using this one, I recommend it; it’s free).

    I had a similar problem. Go into the controller settings. You can set which keys will do which. Also, there’s an option to check a box named “controller plugged in.” If it isn’t checked, then the game will think there’s no controller attached. Usually, it’s already checked, but who knows. If that doesn’t solve your problem, maybe it’s something with the type of keyboard you’re using.

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