My sweat attracts bees. Am i diabetic?

Once after a mass run. I was drenched in sweat. A bee flew and clung on to my shirt. It wouldn’t even budge when I tried to shake it off,like as if it was in love with my shirt. So I blew it off. It came back again and again. It didn’t fly to someone else nearby. And it was ONLY attracted to ME. Am i diabetic? Is it because my sweat is sweet? I tasted it before and it’s salty or maybe it’s sweet but my taste buds can’t detect it?

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  • Harvey Thomas
    1 month ago

    I think bees find your sweat “delicious” or they like the smell of your sweat or it’s a rare kind of sweat bees are attracted to.

  • ?
    5 days ago


  • ?
    4 days ago

    there are purely some issues bees have an interest in and vegetation are numero uno, and reckoning on the place you’re maximum bees are slowing down and dwindling in numbers because of the fact the nectar flow is frequently dried up and wintry climate is around the corner. yet once I easily had to charm to honeybees i might placed out some sugar water and bee’s wax. Honeybees are very fascinated in bee’s wax and could stick around an area that has some. Beekeeper shops have bulk wax for particularly low-priced. seem to make certain if there’s a close-by bee keeper who delivers (or sell) you some honeycomb frames to place close on your vegetation, the harvest has those days ended and a appropriate form of keepers have honeycomb mendacity around and bee’s sought after manage is sticky honeycomb. additionally, there are various bee pollinators besides honey bees who’re basic to charm to, they contain Black bees, floor bees and mason bees. they are solitary bees and development a house for them is an basic way charm to them and help them out. Solitary bee residences are particularly basic to make and save bees in.

  • navishti d
    1 month ago

    honey ur hyperventilating, u really need 2 calm down.

    ok, now in easy words ur definately not diabetic cause a bee was attracted 2 u.sweat has no sugar watsoever so if u think ur tastebuds r wrong den u don need 2 worry cause deyre perfectly fine.

    and jus so u noe, ur sweatb is majorly jus urine, so ud b happy 2 noe dat u jus tasted ur own pee.

    mayb d bees asttracted 2 u cause ur a nice person,OR mayb d bee was psycho. but i think d smartest reason wud b dat he really lyked ur shirt.

  • ~ ApurvA ~
    1 month ago

    oh gosh!

    if you are worried about diabetes get a blood test done!

    and the bee might be clinging to you cuz may be you had something sweet in your pockets or may be the last time you wore that shirt something sweet must have fallen on it.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    ….no, you are not a diabetic because a bee landed on you. besides, sweat contains no sugar and if you are licking your sweat to attempt to see if it is sweet because you think you have diabetes…. i think you might have larger problems than diabetes. like hypochondria

  • xxx tea time
    1 month ago

    The bees love you. That is all.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    theese bees like your disease.

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