My sausages in the refigerator were slimy/adhesive on the surface and had blue “veins” on them?

But they smelled fine. I threw them out. That was well before th expiry date. WHAT THE BULL ******* **** HAD HAPPENED?

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  • Sal*UK
    8 days ago

    Sounds revolting! Probably did the best thing slinging them. Don’t buy that brand again/or buy from that butcher again!!

  • Alice
    8 days ago

    That’s just the congealed fat and moisture from the uncooked sausage casings. It is also common for something called a “biofilm” to form on the surface of sausages. This can indicate the presence of mold, but it is unlikely to cause illness. If they smelled fine, I would have cooked and eaten them.

    You could have rinsed them off and patted them dry with a paper towel before cooking. Your issue would be with spoilage more than with bacteria, as long as you cooked them well before eating. A sour or “off” smell would indicate spoilage.

  • Tigger
    8 days ago

    Most sausage casings are slimy and get more so after they sit a few days. The blue “veins” are probably the inner ingredients showing through, there are a lot of spices in sausage…

  • jen
    8 days ago

    It’s good that you tossed them out. They could have been in a bad batch.

    I’ve learnt over the years, that any meat that is slimy is generally off.

  • turlough O
    8 days ago

    waste not want not comrade,cook them up with a little butter and garlic.Feed them to your partner and see what happens.

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