My pf no kn/4927/0627 how the check account of balance amount?

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  • ?
    9 days ago

    Hello friends….

    Just to go……..then type EPFO in search option. provident fund site will be open.. after open this window select your pf office code…e.g. kn

    then click on the Check your PF online Status. another window will be open….

    1) enter there your EPF no. above box (in first box enter your pf office code e.g. kn…… in second

    box enter your company code e.g. 4927….and in last box enter your PF no. e.g. 0627)

    2) Enter your Full Name(it should be as per your company record)

    3) mentioned your Valid mobile no.,,,,

    After this process click on submit button….after few minuts you’ll know your status of PF Account..


    Sushil Sonwane



  • Syed Sami
    5 days ago

    To All My Friends, I too was going from the same problem I had the PF no as AP//56622/3177 and was fully confused to know complete FP number. With my little research on EPFO site I have finally got the hidden secret.

    1. To the location

    2. Enter your PF office code (in my example it was AP) in a section called Establishments under old Office Code

    3. Enter the establishment code which is nothing but company code (in my example it was 56622) in a section which reads as I also know the establishment code (enter numeric part of code number only. Do not enter extension code)

    4. Enter search it will popup new window which will display the complete code with the company details.


  • vishal
    5 days ago

    My pf no KN/BN/34272/595330 how the check account of balance amount?

  • Luv Guru….!
    6 days ago

    Hi need help as soon as possible …

    I had been working with a company and i had resigned it in the year 2013 and even claimed the PF amount …

    Now the thing is that i had joined other company and they are asking me my PF/UAN number but i dont know and even my previous company is not helping me out to get the PF/UAN number …

    Can any one help me out in this difficult situation, i will be obliged for that …

    I think my number is this : DL/CPM/0031297/000/0009496

    But i am not sure, so can any one help me out plzzzzzzzzz …

  • Madhu
    7 days ago

    But see at last I’m able to find only my PF account name in the same URL you have mentioned not the balance.What could be the reason?May be they haven’t signed digitally? My Company is Wipro Technologies FYI.

  • sharad
    9 days ago

    You can check your PF balance log on to… by entering your PF No. & mobile No., you get your balance over ur mobile no. via SMS.

  • chavan
    6 days ago

    sir my pf number KN/46370/129784

  • ?
    5 days ago

    just often enough to let the bankers know i’m still around, and if they want to embezzle, they’ll have to pick someone else’s account.

  • Faheem Khan
    5 days ago

    Try Searching PN/BOM/4927/0627

  • selvaraj
    6 days ago


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