My parents want to move to another state?

My parents want to move ASAP after we come back from vacation because of all the stuff that’s wrong with our apartment. My dad’s friend lives in Indiana (we live in Illinois) and is kinda convincing my dad to buy the house for sale across the street. I really don’t want to move out of state. I have friends here who are like family to me and I’m finally starting to get closer to the guy I like. There’s nothing out there by the house and we’d have to drive miles to the nearest store. Here we could walk. There’s nothing to do out there except watch the grass grow and I’ve lived in the city my entire life (I’m 15). My mom knows knows how I feel about this, but she’s being an *** and talking up the house and wont stop talking about it. I’d have to go to another high school, but I started to like my high school (it wasn’t my first pick). My dad actually wanted to move out there before, but he lost interest. Now he seems like he’s made up his mind but I still have hope. How do I convince them to stay instate? Have you had a time when your parents wanted to move but you didn’t?

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  • Jessica
    7 days ago

    This happens a LOT to children (and teens – I’m not trying to call you a child) when their parents want to move out of the area that they are in. Do a google search, and you will find so many people your age who are experiencing the same difficulties, so please don’t feel alone.

    I’m sure your parents value your input, but perhaps they are dealing with financial difficulties and finding that the apartment you are currently living in is costing them more than they can afford, or perhaps they realize that there is a potential for a better life in Indiana. It can be really hard to see the positives of moving to a different area if you are opposed to the idea, but please know that there are plenty of positives! Indiana isn’t a bad place to live… I don’t know if it would make you feel any better, but my boyfriend was originally from Chicago (so, big city guy!) and had to move to Indiana for several years. He said he LOVED it. Some of his best memories are from there.

    Your mom is probably talking up the house because it is apparent to them that you do not want to leave. They aren’t trying to punish you with moving, and they DO care about what you think, but they also have your best interests and the best interest of the whole family at heart. Since your dad wanted to move out there before, he probably didn’t lose interest, but finally got fed-up and decided that it was finally time. Maybe he was originally hoping to delay it, because he wanted you to finish school in your current city? A lot of times there are struggles parents go through that they will not tell you about, whether it be financial or other, so please give your parents a break.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t much, if anything, you can do to convince them to stay. The harder you push and complain, the less they will listen, however. Try listening to them, and if you listen to them, they will most likely return the favor and listen to you. Just be calm, not angry, and explain yourself, and see what they have to say!

    Also, I know you are starting to get close to the guy you like, but TRUST ME… you are going to find SO many other guys you like as well. Not something you want to hear, but when they say there are plenty of fish in the sea, it’s TRUE. Plus, I’ve met tons of guys from Indiana, and I gotta say – a lot of hotties… 😉

  • Sweetdaddy Rex
    7 days ago

    You will adjust/make new friends; MY kids were “military brats”; We moved about every 4 years (for 21 years) !

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