My neighbor’s Great Pyrenees just scared a grown Pitbull, is that rare?

So of course many of us have given the Pitbull a reputation of being the best fighting dog and Pitbulls are known to take out any known dog breed in a dogfight. Well today my neighbor and I were walking my neighbor’s Great Pyrenees was by his side, well out of nowhere this Pitbull just ran out and started growling at my neighbor.

My neighbor’s Great Pyrenees growled at it and when the Pitbull came running towards us the Great Pyrenees managed to take it down and deliver a bite on several places. The Pitbull managed to escape and sort of ran off.

The Pitbull looked vicious compared to other Pitbulls I have seen but how could a cute cuddly giant like the Great Pyrenees take out a Pitbull just like that?


actually, we didn’t but the thing was that we were trying to avoid it but her dog just took the pitbull out

actually, we didn’t but the thing was that we were trying to avoid it but her dog just took the pitbull out

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  • Nedra E
    1 month ago

    I am owned by 4 pyrs, and have looked way in the back of their mouths and found their jawbone and teeth to be quite impressive. The pitbull SHOULD be afraid. You have just witnessed the wonder of a pyr, who can morph from a cuddley puffball into something truly ferocious and lethal. Many pyr owners ask what’s wrong with their pyr if they’ve never seen it dealing with a truly serious threat.

    It’s well known in pyr circles that a pyr can easily kill a pitbull. It can crush the pit’s skull in it’s mouth in a single bite. The pyr CAN and WILL take out the pitbull in a very short fight. Pitbulls are brave and strong, but very dog aggressive. Pitbulls charge directly at it’s intended victim. Pyrs, on the other hand, guard by barking and intimidation.

    Pyrs are thinking dogs. They are bred to make independent decisions. They are guardian dogs. When they perceive a threat, they will try to intimidate first unless the threat level is HIGH. Attack is their LAST mode of defense against any threat. In farms the pyrs guard livestock first, and the farmer as well. If there’s no livestock, then the pack (family) is what they guard, including the humans, cats, rabbits, etc. etc. They are loving and snuggly to their family.

    The pitbull you witnessed was an immediate serious threat that was of the highest level and therefore required attack instead of intimidation. The pitbull was intent on causing your friend (and maybe even you) instant harm. Time didn’t allow for threats and intimidation. The pyr chose the best way to disable the pitbull and remove it’s threat.

    I have seen my older two pyrs deal with a perceived threat, but it was not as serious as your threat experience, so my dogs’ responses were not as severe. My pups have not yet experienced threat so I’ve never seen how they would react. All my pyrs are extremely cuddly. I am what they guard.

    Your friends pyr did what it was supposed to do. It prevented the serious injuries the pitbull intended to cause to your friend. The pitbull was in violation of leash laws and hence, any injuries sustained by that dog are the sole responsibility of the owner who failed to control his/her dog and allow the pitbull to attempt to attack and harm your friend.

    I read of a sheep farmer who moves flocks of 1100 sheep with multiple pyrs. When bears and cougars attack, all the shepherds must push their way into the middle of the flock and allow the dogs to work in concert to run off the attackers. It takes multiple pyrs to run off a cougar or a bear. One baits the attacker, while the other pyrs attack from the rear or sides. One pitbull is easy for one pyr to take down. A bear or cougar requires at least 3 pyrs to do the job right without serious harm to the pyrs.

    If you or your friend with to talk to people who own pyrs, there’s a link below to a good Yahoo pyr group. @->–

  • woodland
    4 days ago

    Pitbull Fights Bear

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Of course, many guard dogs will defend their owners even against other dogs and other animals. Great Pyrenees were bred to put up a fight against Wolves and other wild animals, a Pitbull would be a pushover for them.

  • Mealy
    4 days ago

    I find that very rare. Now I am not a dog fighter. But, my neighbors have owned great pyrenees since before I was born and I and my brother breed Rottweilers and Pittbulls. My neighbors always leave their gate open. So, when I take my dogs on walks the my neighbors dogs always run out of the yard. I remember the first time it happened in was so freaking scared. Three of their dogs ran out of the yard I thought the Pittbull was gonna die that day. Two of the dogs charged mine. The first one to charge got scared and backed up, but the second one didn’t and the Pittbull got ahold of his face and wouldn’t let go for anything. Gladly he finally did. But, all the fights I’ve seen Great Pyrenees get in they never win. And the only time they fight is when they outnumber the other dog. Like another time I was walking my rottweiler and two of them ran out of their yard. I thought my rottweiler was gone that day. But he ended up beating the SH*T out of them. Made one of them go blind in one eye.

  • Cheryl
    6 days ago

    The Pyrenees Mountain Dog is the most intelligent breed I have ever seen. I own one. They were bred to protect.

    They will lay down their life for their family, and a dog is no match for them if he is cared for properly, and treated well. If you love, care for, and respect their independent nature, they can be a powerhouse protector.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    No it is Not Rare ! People just assume Pits are the strongest because of all the Hype . Even on National Geo – it had a Bite Force Test & the Pit was the weaker of the Rott/GS & Pit .

  • Suni789
    1 month ago

    You do know that GPs were bred to guard livestock, right? They have been bred to take down/scare off hungry wolves, mountain lions and other dogs. Of course he can scare off an APBT.

  • ladystang
    1 month ago

    depends on fight in dog.

    pitbulls can be put down by other dogs. just that most fighters use pits. but they fight all breeds.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I’d put my money on a Pyr any day.

    They are NOT cute, cuddly giants. They are a very strong-willed and courageous breed.

    And your friend really allows his dog to attack other dogs while on a walk?

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