my gy6 overheats a lot?

I have either an ’04 or an ’05 Twister Hammerhead 150cc. It has a gy6 clone. Is it extremely common for these motors to overheat like, every time you use them for more than 20 minutes? I guess i drive it hard, but i dont floor it constantly and when i can, i try to keep the rpms from going through the roof. But every single time i use it for about 20-25 minutes, it starts to pop when i let off the gas and it sounds like it backfires. Also, about 10-15 minutes after that, it starts to sputter when i push it past a certain point on the throttle. and if i push the gas much harder, it’ll stall. i’m almost 100% sure this is from overheating. but i just don’t think it’s right that an engine should overheat and suffer terribly after 30 minutes. Do you other gy6 owners have this problem? would getting a uni high flow intake help? or just shove more air and fuel in faster so it overheats faster? Could the spark plug be starting to go bad and not work when extremely hot? i haven’t done any performance mods to it by the way.

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  • Moffltoff
    1 month ago

    Try keeping the heat on in your car so it takes it from the engine that is all I can think of, or get a cold air intake system installed from k&n, but I don’t even know If that’s what those are for. Sorry man I just put stuff into my car to make it go fast and handle better, I don’t know much about heating problems, I’m just brain storming here.

  • Charles
    7 days ago

    The GY6 is an Air Cooled Single Cylinder Combustion Engine so it only relies on 2 properties for cooling the 1st and most is important is OIL LEVEL, CHECK THAT OFTEN. 2nd is Fuel : Air , or The “Fuel to Air Ratio” if it is “Lean” it will be running hot Lean is the condition where more air than fuel is being supplied than what is required for good combustion (13.9-14.1 : 1)is the number you are looking for as read on an exhaust probe. “Rich” is when there is more fuel than air,Rule of opposites Etc… So on single cylinder air cooled engines being a little Rich is a safer bet. Perhaps for your Climate you may need a Richer or “Fatter” Main Jet if you don’t have the skill to install it seek a local reputable shop as the carb will require adjusting for correct idle.Or if you have already made upgrades you may need to just tune a little, either way she sounds thirsty fatten her up.

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