My girlfriend sleeps with her brother, is this normal?

Hi all, I know it is common for younger aged kids, like school goers or kindergarten-level children for opposite sexes to have one common bedroom.

However, I encountered a rare case with my girlfriend who, at the age of 20 plus – still sleeps with her brother, who is aged around 27.

I get discomforts and odd feelings hearing this, considering that I have never heard of it before in normal cases of girls above age 20 or past teenage years. At the most is siblings only of the same sex sharing a common bedroom, but opposite sexes?

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  • Compassionate Princess
    1 month ago

    For some people/cultures, opposite sex siblings sharing a room as adults is not abnormal. This could also be a result of lack of room for the family. Now, if they shared the same bed, that would be beyond bizarre.

  • S.Z.
    1 month ago

    Are they just sharing the room or the same bed?

    If they were sharing the same bed I would find this a bit odd. But if they are just sharing a room and they’re both comfortable with this than I don’t see it as a problem. Some siblings are very close and don’t mind sharing space with their brothers or sisters. They are siblings which is why to me it is NOT weird. Because in a normal brother and sister relationship they is nothing odd or sexual going on. They just share a bedroom and to me that is not a big deal.

    If they were raised in a large family they may not have grown up with the luxury of having their own room and never had a problem with it.

    Just because they share a bedroom does not mean something weird is going on. If they were sharing the same bed, that is a totally different story… To me I would find that odd. Even a small space could fit a twin bunk bed…

    Privacy and personal space is important to me and I could not do this with a any of my sisters much less my brother.

    ETA: I also wanted to add that in m very late teens I lived with my aunt and cousin for a while. He and I are the exact same age. He was like a brother to me and we adored each other. And we shared a queen bed in his room (they only had a 2 bedroom home). There was NEVER one moment where anything weird was going on, not even the slightest thought or mention or feeling. We used to lay awake just talking and we had the exact same taste in music and would listen to music and watch movies. Actually when I think back on it I remeber it as one of my fonder memories. He was like the brother and best friend I always wanted and I was going through a hard time because my mother went AWOL and he got me through it just by his company alone. We never hugged or cuddled lol, just hung out like best friends would. He was my buddy.

    He was FAMILY and nothing more. Why is it so gross or wrong for family to share space with eachother?

  • ,>Kevin.,<
    1 month ago

    From a personal perspective, I find this very strange.

    It is not normal for brothers and sisters to sleep within the same bed, even at an early age and at 20+27, that is preposterous.

  • Alexandra P
    1 month ago

    That does seem quite odd and suspicious actually. Maybe you should talk to your girlfriend about it….it does sound fishy. Maybe they’re trying to save money and can’t buy a new bed or some sleeping mattress of some sort..who knows? But you shouldn’t think of it for the worse at first. Make you you find out the truth or see some more proof that them sleeping together is weird (or incest).

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Wow that would not rather look familiar. She ought to be attracted on your brother or she is attempting to make you jealous. the two way, jointly because it can not be an argument now she would be in a position to in all threat attempt some thing later down the line. you may desire to be open along with her and tell her which you dont’ think of its appropriate for her to be spectacular throughout your brother. enable her know which you’re happy they get alongside yet you may like it extra beneficial if she couold repsect some boundries slightly extra so as which you or anybody else would not experience uncomfortable. you additionally could have your brother attempt to assert some thing to her. She ought to surely even open as much as him extra beneficial than she could to you approximately why she likes spectacular throughout him.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    So do they share a bed or just a bedroom? I’d agree that its a little out of the ordinary, probably nothing other than that though.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    i think

    if you mean that they are sharing the same room then it is normal

    but if you mean that they are sharing the same bed then it is not normal

    i think some of the ppl who answered above thought you are saying that they are using the same “bed” and thats why they said it is strange .

    i think you mean that they are sharing the room only and i it is normal like what “Compassionate Princess” said

    1 month ago


  • ?
    1 month ago

    ya thats strange…

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    its werid i would be worried if i was you

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