my dog just ate an entire bag of dog treats… help?

They are Bacon wrapped yams and i believe there are about 15. I left to work this AM and my little sisters didn’t see her under the covers and left her locked in my room. My mom just sent me a message saying my dog chewed her way thru the bag and ate the entire pack of treats. Will she be okay? Should I take her to the vet? All answers appreciated thanks!

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  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    Yes she will be fine. They’re dog treats. For dogs

  • Leele
    9 days ago

    They are richer and different from her usual meal. If she is a small dog her system will be more upset than if she is a large dog. She most likely will have very loose stool and upset tummy. She will not know why she feels bad so be kind to her. You need to keep treats up on shelves, where they can not be reached. She may decide to chew on grass and she very likely will throw up, if she does. Not knowing the breed, size or age of the animal, makes it very difficult to help you. Any time you change a dogs diet they will have diarrhea. She will feel better tomorrow, and much better the next day.

  • Ernie’s Li’l Sis
    9 days ago

    If she’s behaving normally, then I wouldn’t worry. She didn’t eat anything toxic, and it was only 15. But she might lose her appetite a little. Like when you snack right before a meal. If she shows any sign of an upset tummy, it probably just means she over-ate a little but it’s not a real concern. But even so, call your vet if you’re too worried and she does seem in distress.

  • Lauren
    9 days ago

    She should be fine, as they were meant for her anyway – dogs can stomach pretty much anything usually stuff not meant to be eaten. She may vomit but unless she carries on I wouldn’t worry – it’s like when kids have too many sweets, intant happy to too full to sad at being sick and having no more treats left to make her feel better. Next time just remember dogs are just way too clever for their own good and check where she is before you leave.

  • madstersd
    9 days ago

    She’ll be fine but she might throw up depending on what kind of dog she is and how big her stomach is. Don’t waste your money taking her to the vet especially if these are dog treats. She might be a little sick but she’ll be okay.

  • Danielle
    6 days ago

    my dog ate a bag of 40 treats today… Nutri-Cal Chews… he’s a beagle. Now I am super paranoid!

  • Roz
    9 days ago

    Well i don’t think you need to take your dog to the vets, inless your dog is showing some unhealthy signs of being ill. However your dog should be okay, it’s just some dog treats, it’s not like it’s chocolate. 🙂 Hope your dogs, all fine and dandy 🙂

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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  • richard
    4 days ago

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  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    Why do you feel the need to ask total strangers if your dog should be taken to the vet’s? It’s YOUR dog, and YOUR decision. If you are so concerned, rather than ask on YA”s, why don’t you just pick up the phone, and call your vet?

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