My dog just ate about a block of lard!?

She is a medium size dog 6 months old and she ate probably more than half a block of the lard you can purchase at the store. She must have knocked it down from the counter. It’s been about two hours and she’s thrown up a small amount twice of lard looking stuff. Besides that she’s acting completely normal. I just want to make sure if I should be really worried about this or not. I read somewhere that bread would help her with her upset stomache, is that true?

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  • skipper68
    8 days ago

    Bread would help with bone shreds moving thru her system.

    Her stomach will work, but don;t let her clean it up..again. Some solid food might bind it, for a normal stool.

    Let her remove it from her system. She will be fine after.

    8 days ago

    She will be very sick with an upset stomach for a few days. Offer lots of water and a small piece of bread like a half dollar size. Try offering her only dry dog food. Expect her to have mushy stools and to be throwing up. The more water the better. Also you should call the vet on Monday. There is usually no need to have an emergency visit…only for chocolate or objects.


  • Rosalie
    8 days ago

    For anyone reading this who doesn’t know – lard is pure beef fat.

    First of all, TWO HOURS isn’t “just”…don’t ever wait that long!

    Your dog needs to throw all of that up, or she will be very sick – eating high fat stuff can bring on pancreatitis, and that can be deadly.

    You need to call the vet, and find a vet to go to – they can give her medication to make her throw up the rest of it, or most of it anyway. It’s important to get it out of her – and that would have been useful to do about two hours ago…sigh…

    For now, if you threw the stuff she threw up in the trash, go find it with a paper bag. It’s useful to know how much she threw up, and how much could be left in her.

    Call your vet NOW – they should have either a service that will page them, or at least directions to the nearest emergency clinic. And then get her there, along with your bag of used lard chunks so they can weigh it. Just take whatever you have – but go.

    And next time – because there will be a next time – call your vet IMMEDIATELY.

  • Fannie’s mom
    8 days ago

    Well she most likely will have diaherra for 24 hours or more. Bread may help if she willing to eat tonight I would give her some rice but missing a meal won’t hurt her. Lard itself is not a problem it is just such a large portion of it. If she has severe dirherra and continues vomiting I would call the vet.

  • Sharon
    8 days ago

    That’s not good! And yes, give her plenty of water so she can flush most of it out. When she does throw it up, gently soothe her by petting her and try to gently reach into her mouth and try to make her gag, But not too deep. Gently gagging will bring up more of the lard. She may be acting normal now, but her stool will be diarrhea or very mushy and smelly. She will also be wanting to sleep constantly so don’t bother her. Other than that please take her to the vet!

  • JTP
    8 days ago

    yes, and the best thing you can do is get it out of her, I would suggest using hydrogen-peroxide.

  • who cares at this point
    8 days ago

    Call your vet!

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