My Dog died after vomiting blood from her mouth?

My 9 year old dalmation ***** died after vomiting Dark red blood from her mouth and there was a little piss also.

It was five, six days before her death we got to know that she is unwell as she didnt had any food whole day. I called her Vet he treated her for gastroantritis and said that she’ll resume her eating the next day and that she’ll feel drowsy whole day.

But it didnt helped she was drowsy whole day but she didnt eat anything and later in the evening she vomited dark brown color Vomit.

So I decided to take her to another vet. So now this vet told me that the problem is with her Liver its quite damaged. He started giving her Injections as follows. 1. “Monocif” 2.”Neohypatax” 3.”Avil”

He gave her these injections for three days. But none of it helped her get okay. She just used to have Water that sit and all this while she Pissed only once or twice. I used to force her to Drink milk with sugar with help of Injection without needle.

On third day of treatment from this Vet I took her in morning for her First Drip. She was puking everything we were feeding her day before this and she didnt Piss at all.There was a little growth near her stomach too (Enlarged Liver acc to doctor) So afte 1/3rd bottle of Drip and usual Injections as mentioned above I brought her back home. Her front legs were a bit Shaky. I thought that must be because of drip. I mostly picked her up the stairs. She was just having water thats all. I forced electrol in her mouth again 20 ML of it. I remember half an hour before her death she was breathing Hard. And around 3.45pm She vomited lot of blood from her mouth she pissed also (very little, Dark Color). She streched with open mouth and was definately in pain. I couldnt do anything. It just took her a minute and she was gone.

Now I want to know whats the reason behingd her death. Was it wrong medications? Was it wrong doctor. I want to know what she was suffering from and what happened in the process of her death?

Her doctor told me she was suffering from Liver cancer, and hapititis? I want to know what was it? I have provided quite many details for completely understanding the situation.


The doctor did no tests all that he did was put thermometer inside her back and observe her fecel with his eyes (notests).

I asked him on several occasions to go for tests but he said the treatment even after tests will be same. So he never did took any test at all.

The doctor did no tests all that he did was put thermometer inside her back and observe her fecel with his eyes (notests).

I asked him on several occasions to go for tests but he said the treatment even after tests will be same. So he never did took any test at all.

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  • Pixie
    1 month ago

    Your situation sounds extreamly similar to my own. I had an 8 year old Australian Shepherd and about a week before her passing she went off water and food. She refused to eat, she became passive when she was normally hyper, and she would pick a corner and lay in it without moving for hours. She would only urinate twice and it was quiet difficult for her to do so. By the end of the week she only took small amounts of water, she had to be carried to and from the yard in order to do her business, and she was extreamly lethargic. On our way to the vet she went from bad to worse in a matter of moments. Her breathing became shallow and labored, she was throwing up bloody pools of water, urinating blood, and there was blood in her stool. Her gums were a pale pink and her pupils became pin point. By the time we reached the emergency room the vet pronounced her to be brain dead, and if we were to take her home she would be dead by morning. The vet assumed she had suffered poisoning from a uterine rupture since she was so old and had not been spayed. He told us a necropsy would be a waste of time and so we left it at that. I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

  • Philip
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  • nickles
    4 days ago

    My Dog Is Vomiting Blood

  • Emilene
    7 days ago

    My dog died yesterday same way as yours, he suddenly felt weak all throughout the day yesterday, inactive, doesn’t want to eat and kind of having a hard time breathing, it thought he was just not in the mood to eat because in the past he is sometimes like that but at the end of the day he would eat his food. And i let him sit in front of the air conditioning to help him breath and cool down. But he remained inactive the whole day, when I got really worried I was about to bring him to the vet but then he started to pee a bright yellow urine then afterwards collapsed and started vomiting massive amounts of blood. When he got to the vet he was already dead. The vet says there’s a lot of reasons to why this happened, maybe he ate a stone, a bone, a cockroach or a rodent, and also maybe food poisoning. We were soo devastated. He was only 10 months old. He’s a chowchow. :(( I miss him soo much! 🙁

  • ?
    5 days ago

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  • Pilot ~ canine son!
    1 month ago

    Oh my goodness…….I’m TERRIBLY SORRY to hear what happened to your loving friend!! Very sorry!

    I only have this thought, though small……she hemmoraged (something burst)? It’s so impossible to answer this as most here are not professionals in these areas, though I do pray that you find more answers to your questions. Maybe a Vet or Vet Assistant can find this answer for you or at least give some assistance to aid you with your questions. I’m going to “star” this question in hopes it will find that person.

    Call the breeder and ask about the history of their dog/s genetics, etc. They can be a wealth of information.

    Again…….I’m sickened to hear this….and my prayers go to you now, honest and true.

  • bodmodangel
    1 month ago

    I’m so sorry. It honestly could have been many things. If they did blood and fecal testing; they are probably right about the Liver cancer and hepitisis. I can’t say it was the wrong medications, b/c it seems like every doctor has their own way of treating animals. But; there is no way to say if they did the wrong treatment. Not even another vet could without treating her directly and seeing all the tests.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I’m not seeing where the vet did a liver biopsy. I’d like to know how they think it’s liver cancer without a biopsy. If you have not disposed of your dog’s body, I would strongly recommend getting a necropsy (animal autopsy) done to find out what happened.

    I’m sorry about your loss, and I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

  • Cap
    1 month ago

    There are several possibilities, including warfarin poisoning, disseminated intravascular coagulopathy, metastatic cancer, GI ulcer, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis…

    The only way to know for sure would be to take her body to have a necropsy done (animal autotopsy), preferably by a university vet diagnostic lab.

  1. Your vet was incompetent. If vomiting blood (or blood from anus) the dog needs Vitamin K every 6 hours and Emmicina once a day for 10 days. IM for both. Dosage depends on weight of dog. That happened to two of my dogs, and the treatment I mentioned saved their lives.

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