My boyfriend calls me too often?

We live together for almost 2 years. Every evening and weekend we spend together.

My boyfriend calls me all the time, and I have to stop what I’m doing to talk to him. It wouldn’t really bother me that much, I like talking to him but since we talk very often during the day very often we don’t even have anything to say! He tells me about his day, and I tell him about mine, and after fifteen minutes we have nothing else to say!He acts like I’m rejecting him every time I tell him that I want to go..

I would like to be left alone for a day or at least half of a day without being asked what was I doing and sometimes to just spend some time alone but he always needs to talk to me. I understand he loves me and wants to be close to me all the time but I feel I need a break from time to time. If I don’t pick up he gets upset and questions my love. He also thinks that I do not call him enough and it must be because “something is wrong” or that I don’t love him anymore” !!! I was trying to talk to him a couple of times but he got upset after that and totaly stoped calling me and returning my phone calls.

I am currently away visiting my family in different country and my cellphone doesn’t work here. I used my mothers phone to call him to tell him that I safely arrived here. He was trying to call my moms phone a couples of time but since we were in the restaurant her phone was on mute. I know he is so very upset now that I don’t call him. The international phone calls here are very expensive and even though I know my mom probably wouldn’t mind but I don’t feel comfortable asking her if I can use her phone to call internationally. Plus I really want to be left alone for a while and spent some time with my family.

Although I feel a little guilty because I know he is there waiting for my phone call…I don’t know what to do anymore…

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  • Elizabeth
    1 month ago

    Try telling him you care for him (or love him, if you do) and that you are going to try and have a great week, month, day, etc on his behalf.

    Say you’ll call when you can but it is really important you spend some time with your family.

    Tell him if he truly loves/cares about you he will understand.

    Reassure him that nothing is wrong and the realtionship is great, that you just need this time to be with your family.

    Best of luck!

  • ?
    1 month ago

    sometimes being comfortable around people means you can be on the phone in silence and its not awkward. However, im confused about how you say you spend every night and weekend together BUT that youre in a different country. If you do spend every night together maybe you should explain how calling you all day is too much and you need time for your own life too, but if youre in another country i think you should be able to call him a few times.

  • Emily
    1 month ago

    My ex boyfriend did that, then he turned out to be really controlling. Tell him that he really needs to stop , you want to be left alone for a couple of hours without having him question you about what you’re doing. If he gets upset about it, let him be. When he calls you again, talk to him about it again. I know what you mean though, it gets really old really fast. I’m sorry. But good luck.

  • CC
    1 month ago

    This guy sounds very demanding. Have you tried asking him to lay off the calling a little? If you do and he refuses, I have to tell you: he’s not worth it. And don’t let him guilt you either. A healthy relationship shouldn’t be about trying to get what he wants only. If he doesn’t realize that and isn’t willing to compromise then he is just trying to control your life.

    Your life is YOURS, not his. Try not to forget it 😉

  • hance
    5 days ago

    identity take it as a compliment. he holds you in a greater suitable regard than maximum 17 365 days olds. He calls you woman perchance because you have symptoms of adulthood that not many 17 365 days olds have. its candy, perchance he needs to be talked approximately as a guy ;p

  • scorpio_angel14
    1 month ago

    You need to talk to him it seems like he may be a little controlling if he feels the need to call you constantly. Just have a heart to heart and tell him how you feel about him calling and if he would let up just a little bit.

  • gigamis
    1 month ago

    Tell him you are busy and to stop calling so often, or schedule when you will talk to him again, or just ignore his calls all together

  • orange_arro
    1 month ago

    It’s a phone call, tell him that you love and miss him, but can’t talk to him much on the trip, ONCE. Be firm, he obviously love you so he’ll have to understand. Enjoy you’re trip, you really need it . . .

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