my basement flooded,and my furnace got wet. now the blower will not come on?

it also runs the central air.The unit outside kicks on but the blower on the furnace does not.

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  • gizmoe
    1 month ago

    You may have gotten the circuit board wet and would need to be replaced.

    Any controls that have gotten wet will need to be replaced.

    Its possible the blower wheel is full of water and cant get going. This would be the best case scenario as the blower can be removed to get rid of the water and replaced and put back in operation.

    Check and see if you can tell where the level of water would have gotten to.

    If it has reached the level of the controls (besides the motor) you need a tech to check it out.

    Be very careful around water and electricity, turn power off to unit.

  • bvbvjk in Ral. NC
    1 month ago

    First check the breakers you may have separate breakers one for the blower and another for the rest and possible the one for the blower tripped. If this isn’t the case turn the breakers off and remove the service cover to the blower unit. Check to make sure all connections are dry. See if there is a reset button for the blower itself in there somewhere(possibly near the front). Reset if tripped only if things seem dry. Other than that it could have shorted something out and unless you can see an obvious short than it’s going to take some electrical knowledge to find the short.

    Good luck

  • alvarz
    1 month ago

    the blower is controllled by a relay that in turns is controlled by the thermostat. first yo disconnect the motor from all else and see if a 120 volt jumper will make it work, then you test the 16 volt transformer and fianally the relay. simple.

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