My 4yr old has a hard lump in his groin. What could be wrong?

He’s never had much more than a cold so now I’m freaking out. This is a tender area at the top of his inner thigh, definitely swollen, hard and about two inches across.

He has had it for 2-3 days now, and is limping a little. He complained that someone hurt him at at school by grabbing his leg, but I’m not sure this is true. I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow morning – but does anyone have any experience or suggestions of what this might be?

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  • udaya k
    1 month ago

    It is a bubo. An inflamed, swollen, or enlarged lymph node. Often in children it appears with suppurations or wound in the legs, after infectious diseases etc.

    In Marmani Chikisthsa, (Treatment of vital points), this is called Kazhala whereas there is a vital point between this and the testis which is called Vidapamarma, injury to which in men will lead to impotency. If it is only the lymph nodes (Kazhala) which is affected, he needs only rest to the area with normal pain killers. He is true when he said some one hurt him by grabbing his legs. It normally happens with sudden, excessive or awkward stretching of legs. Chances of hernia at that point is very very remote.

    In homeopathy Bubos are considered syphlitic miasmetic. Badiaga and Mercurious derivatives like Merc Cor., Merc Iodide, Merc Sol. are used with advantage in quick relief.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Could it possibly be a cyst? or perhaps an abscess? lipoma? Those are the only things I can think they would be…but a doctor would definitely be the determining factor.

    I had thought it would be a hernia also, but hernia’s are generally in the testicles or lower abdomen, it’s caused by a organ pushing through the muscle wall…I don’t thing there are any organs in the inner thigh.

  • Alejandra_O
    1 month ago

    Put some warm water over the lump, several times a day.

    Give him some acetaminophen.

    It could be a swollen lymph gland. It’s very common, but need treatment now, as should be an infection or some other viral disease as measles.

    Good luck

  • dakins
    5 days ago

    i might say see a doctor, a kin memeber of mine had the comparable element. It became out to be a tumor. Get regarded at ASAP as yet another suggestion became to you. The lumps could be something which you won’t anticipate i.e. tumors or worst cancerous get them verify. in the experience that your question evidently which you have had those lump for it sluggish, i might propose which you’re making your appointment very quickly, faster then later…sturdy luck to you

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It could be a hernia or a swollen lymph node. Your doctor will be able to tell you which one it is.

  • butterrum28
    1 month ago

    Its a hernia. He must surely go to the doctor. They will diagnose and give you treatment options.

    God Bless Miss and I hope he feels better.

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