My 13 week old puppy is so laid back, normal?

Hi after a lot of Research and waiting we have finally got our new 13 week old puppy. I have had westies for over twenty years so that’s all I know. We decided on a different type and we have a golden retriever cross. We found a wonderful breeder and even our vet has had 2 dogs off her so I know she is ok. She even made us sign a contract. I just can’t believe how laid back this pup is, it’s that chilled it horizontal. We saw her parents and they were this chilled too. She is not even mouthing which we had problems with in our westies, even up to 5 months old. . We took her to the vet who says she is in perfect health. She loves fuss and she is nearly toilet trained in 2 days. She can’t be this easy can she ? I am being lulled into a false sense of security? lol Anyone else had a pup like this?

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  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    This is exactly what my dog was like. She has been the same all her life and is now two. Sh is an amazing dog and is very intelligent she was practically house trained over night and has never had an “Accident”. I am so lucky with her. My other puppy was fifteen weeks when she finally became housetrained ! but just be glad that you picked such a nice pup !

  • ?
    8 days ago

    My Rottweiler was so laid back until she was 10 months it would have been easy to forget she was about at times if we hadn’t had other dogs. That and the fact that she would wake me up at 2 am and 5 am to let her out to do her business. At ten months old we well and truly knew we had her as she became boisterous.

  • Acacia
    8 days ago

    Wow! I wish my pup was like that! Mine turns a year old in a few days, he still mouths, he has a lot of energy! He is a hyper breed though. My pup saves his energy for his dad. All day he sleeps then when dad gets home all he wants to do is play.

  • bzzflygirl
    8 days ago

    My cocker mix was the same way. She practically housetrained overnight and was always top in her basic obedience class. Just count your blessings that she is healthy as people who sell mixed breeds for profit aren’t always concerned about breeding healthy dogs.

  • CpFan
    8 days ago

    That sounds awesome! Seems like she is just laid back and learns easily. Whatever you guys are doing is working!

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