MMA, Boxing and life expectancy?

I’m not really asking about human life expectancy. But seeing the punishment in MMA, how many years do you think would someone stay in their prime if they go into MMA? Do you expect an MMA fighter to have a shorter fighting career than a boxer?

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  • BJJelite1229
    1 month ago

    it’s still too soon to say, because MMA is such a new sport, it’s only been around at least big time since 1993. But in General a boxer will have a shorter career because in boxing you constantly get hit in the head. Where in MMA you’ve got more body shots, kicks, submissions, ect ect ect. In Boxing when you get knocked down you get time to recover, but the brain doesn’t fully recover, your adrenaline simply juices back up and your right back in there. In mma if you get knocked down, or out the fight is usually over. I mean there are guys fighting MMA in their late 40’s. You rarely see that in boxing because the brain can only take so much punishment throughout a boxer career.

  • MeanGene
    1 month ago

    It’s hard to say cause mma is still fairly new here in America. Most mma fighters are well into there 30’s and some close to or even in there 40’s. Boxing has been around much longer and has been that when you get into your 30’s your career is near it’s end. By 35yrs your considered a senior citizen of the sport. Mma I think your chances of longer carear is better. Boxing your window of oppritunity is small.

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