Mighty Boosh?

I was wondering why the Mighty Boosh characters use euros instead of pounds sterling, when it is obviously set in England.

thanks =]

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  • only2days2go
    1 month ago

    Having just sat through watching last night’s ‘episode’ surely it’s a case of Why is it on at all, let alone worrying about Euros ! ! !

  • Beccabelle
    1 month ago

    It could be any reason at all (it is The Mighty Boosh after all…) but I think it’s because it is set in the future and Julian and Noel think that we will use Euros in the future

    Not sure where I got it from, but oh well

  • Simmo
    1 month ago

    Who knows, probably the same reason they have a talking Gorrilla, a sea-man who likes to drink Baileys from a shoe and a guy who’s head is made out of cheese…coz it’s f’ing weird! Boosh if the funniest thing since Monty Python and they do everything to make people question what the hell they re going on about…like you are!

  • cheekybear
    1 month ago

    I hope that its a political statement highlighting the fact that if we went with the Euro it would show how exspensive the UK is compared to the rest of Europe…whatever the reason…I thought it was a great return to a great series…but why is it on BBC3? It should be on BBC2

  • the_kop2003
    1 month ago

    Eels. Eels. Eels. Eels.

    and he said 500 euros so I said 500 euros you won’t see penny one from me you slaaaaag.

    this is an outraaaage.

    Tony Harrison legend.

    Boosh is the best.

    Series 3 is gonna be best yet.

    Chicka chicka.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I actually know the answer 2 this!

    Noel & Julian said it was just something extra of a comedy element 2 the show. Besides, they are quite strange arent they? Its such a magical fantastic show!!!

    And i LOVE noel fielding 🙂

  • stevieperv
    1 month ago

    It could be any reason.. this is the Boosh we are talking about after all… Why do they have a talking ape??

  • Raymo
    1 month ago

    The whole programme is zany, surreal and hilarious. I can’t say I understand it all but it makes me laugh. Just watched the 2nd episode of the new series on the internet and it is completely off the wall. Euros, Pounds, both are legal tender in the United Kingdom.

  • Turdy malurdy
    1 month ago

    the same reason that crazy cockney uses a large polomint as a monicle…its just a bit daft

  • ponchoo
    1 month ago

    watch this weeks [ journey to the centre of the punk] its of one the best

    1 month ago

    as long as they continue to make me laugh they can use plastic carrotts for money for all i care!!

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