Match the defense mechanism with the characteristic

Match the defense mechanism with the characteristic

Match the defense mechanism with the characteristic

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  • Diego Kucera
    30 days ago


    A. Compensation -make up for a deficit

    B. Denial- refusal to acknowledge

    C. Displacement- shifting the emotion from one thing to another.

    D.projection- attributing one's own thoughts to another person

    E.sublimation- redirecting socially unacceptable impulses.

    _Explanation : defense mechanisms are behaviours of people use to separate themselves from unpleasant events, actions,or thoughts.

    A. Compensation:

    It is a pattern by which tension or anxiety relieved by an individual make up for personal weakness.

    Example: a student who fails in his studies may compensate by becoming the college champion in atheletics. So ,

    "Compensation is match with to make up deficit."

    ( Make up deficit meaning: if you're running a deficit , you are losing. You might be losing a money or game .either way , you better make up for it.)


    B) DENIAL:

    -It occurs when you refuse to accept reality or facts.

    -many people use denial in their everyday lives to avoid dealing with painful feelings or areas of their life they don't wish to admit.

    -example: patient denies that his physician's diagnosis of cancer is correct & seeks a second opinion.

    According that denial is match with refusal to acknowledge

    (Acknowledge meaning: accept or admit the existence or truth of)

    C) Displacement:

    An emotional feeling is transferred to person who are less dangerous than those who initially aroused the emotion.

    Example ; boss shouts at meera.

    Meera back to home , gets angry at her husband.

    accordind to this , "Displacement Is match with shifting the emotion from one thing to another"

    D) projection:

    This involves individuals attributing their own unacceptable thoughts , feelings & motives to another person.

    Example: you may dislike your new co-worker ,but instead of accepting that , you choose to tell yourself that they dislike you. So,

    Projection matched with "attributing ones own's thoughts to another person."

    E) sublimation:

    It is defence mechanism that allows us to act out unacceptable impulses by converting these behaviour into a more acceptable form.

    Divert negative into acceptable.

    Example: instead of lashing out at your employees, you choose to channel your frustration into kickboxing.

    According to that "sublimation is matched with redirecting socially unacceptable impulses"

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