Marine Corps uniform regulation question?

On the Service Alpha uniform, where exactly does the tie clasp go by regulation? Does it go between the third and forth button or is it aligned with the center of the shirt pockets? Thanks!

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    3020. NECKTIE CLASPS (MEN) (See fig. 3-6.)

    1. The gold necktie clasp as sold through the Marine Corps Supply System is standard for all male Marines. However, all Marines may purchase at their option approved tie clasps with stamped or superimposed Marine Corps emblems through the Marine Corps exchange or commercial sources. For officers, the optional tie clasp will have a silver-colored emblem; and for all enlisted, a gold-colored emblem.

    2. The clasp will always be worn on the necktie when the khaki shirt is worn as the outer garment and it may be worn with the service “A” uniform. It will be placed horizontally on the lower half of the necktie midway between the third and fourth buttons from the top.

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    Usmc Uniform Regulations

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    Sunglasses may be worn on leave, liberty, and in garrison but not in formation unless prescribed by the commander or certified medical authority. When authorized for wear in formations, sunglass lenses will be of standard green, black, or brown shade or may be the type commonly referred to as “photosensitive.” Sunglasses that do not have “photosensitive” lenses will not be worn indoors. MARADMIN 504/07 Only organizationally issued bags, to include special issue equipment bags (i.e. camera bags) designed to be worn over the shoulder(s), may be worn on the uniform (with the uniform it was designed for) per the commander’s guidance. You may not wear personally owned bags (except for the purse as described in paragraph 3014 herein), to include book/gym bags and computer bags, but may hand carry them. Organizationally issued or commander approved hydration systems may be worn per the commander’s guidance with the utility and PT uniforms. Motorcyclists/bicyclists riding in uniform may wear organizationally issued bags or affix personally owned bags to the motorcycle/bicycle. MARADMIN 504/07

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    Third and forth button.

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