Magic water box magic trick?

Ok, so my science teacher brought in this black box, basically it holds water that you put in this hole in the top until you put enough in, when you put enough in, all the water comes out of the little tube on the bottom. He would fill it up half way before class started, the box would hold it all, then he put the other half of the water in, which made all of it come out which made it look like he was “making water” or something. HOW? It confused me even more when he said that there are no moving parts! Anybody know what this toy is called? He said it was simple and you could make one at home. he wont tell us how it works >:(

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  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    It is true it is possible to do this with no moving parts… only the water moves. He had a box with a siphon inside. We used this principle in pipette washers and in a photographic darkroom to wash prints.

    Water goes into the box with a “upside down U-shaped tube” until it reaches the top of the tube. One end is open to the liquid at the bottom of the container, the other one goes outside the container and is longer than the tube inside. As water goes into the box it is also going up the tube. When it gets to the top of the tube… and then more water is added, the water tries to climb higher, but it can’t so instead it starts to fall down the other side of the tube draining the container.

    The picture in the middle is a pipette washer. Water falls in the top, and the U-shaped tube is on the left.…

    Here is a video about a manual siphon.

    You have a good science teacher. Made you think and want to understand how things work.

  • armenta
    5 days ago

    Black Box Magic

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Cut out the striker portion of a matchbox from a box of safety matches. Trim off any paper around the striker.

  • marlena
    5 days ago

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  • lunchtime_browser
    10 hours ago

    It sounds like a box with a Σίφων inside.

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