Looking for info on this painting artist C. Carson.?

I have an original oil on canvas painting by the artist C. Carson. If anyone out there has information on this new artist, it would be greatly appreciated.


The theme of this painting is the old country snow scene with people & kids skating about. Log cabins, kids riding a horse, old sled carriage, theme is portraying the 1800’s -1900’s time period.

The theme of this painting is the old country snow scene with people & kids skating about. Log cabins, kids riding a horse, old sled carriage, theme is portraying the 1800’s -1900’s time period.

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    Could this be the painter in question?

    Carson C.T.Collins

    Remodernist Art Gallery


    mailto:[email protected]


    acrylic gouache on canvas. Collins, Carson. Painter

    Carson C.T. Collins

    The Littoralist Paintings of Carson Collins

    The Painter

    It is evident when engaged in conversation with the painter Carson Collins that one is discussing issues with a warm and literate man. The subject of his art is the four elements in their most majestic setting – the shoreline: earth, air, fire, and water. The artist has at one and the same time an ebullient nature and the ‘gravitas’ of original introspection. Tall and of large trim frame, his bearing strikes one as being in stark contrast to the fragile glazed surfaces and delicate analogous tonalities of color to be seen in his seascape paintings.

    Of his personal history he will tell you that he is of Irish and Cherokee ancestry and that he was born on the 25th November 1953 in Tulsa, Oklahoma; the family relocating to Longboat Key Florida in 1958. With pride he will describe his mother who holds a Masters degree in art education and who home schooled her son in the techniques of painting in oil and water color before he was ten years old.

    When reminiscing about his father, his speech slows down, his eyes narrow, and his large frame becomes restive and curved. He will tell you that his father received a full disability pension from the army, after which he became a lawyer, who due to his severe injuries in WW II remained mentally in that conflict for the rest of his life.

    As for the artist himself, the Vietnam war affected his life. The fact that he had been drafted interrupted his plans to study art at university and redirected for a brief time his artistic ambitions to those of medicine. After high school, Collins received B.A. degrees in psychology and chemistry at the University of South Florida at Tampa in 1973. Four years later he received his M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. “I never did my internship but in 1978 quit allopathic practice in order to concentrate on painting full-time.”



    I’ve been working on The Ocean Series for more than a quarter of a century.

    I guess you could say that this conflation of a traditional marine sunset with a color-field painting, something that originally crossed my mind sometime back in 1978, has turned out to be a fairly fertile idea for me.




    Charles Carson another Canadian painter;


    Charles CARSON on site below;


    last but not least I found this for a third C. Carson;


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    Wont it be a hoot to find the artist after being told that

    “The artist has never aquired any fame or noteriety”

    It’s o.k. It seems to be the standard answer for them befrore they even bother to resaerch the question asked.


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    C Carson Paintings

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    C. Carson is a Korean artist that took the name Carson to sound more American. His paintings were distributed via MLM marketing like Home Interiors. Not valuable.

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    Is your google button working? This is the best method of looking up a non-famous living person. If they’ve had any success at all, they will have references on google. Other than that, call the gallery that sold the painting. Mr. or Ms. Carson has not achieved any particular fame as an artist at this point.

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    Caroline Petigru Carson (1819 – 1893)

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    Hmm… yeah- I tried looking and didn’t find anything either… Only thing I could suggest is maybe lookin around for an art expert to contact. They’d have better chance of finding out for you. Maybe even a college art professor perhaps.

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