Lightening your eye color naturally?

So my friends cousin told my friend that you can squeeze lemon juice into your eye and it will make your eye color lighter?

To me that sounds like it would hurt and may blind you or something.

Is this true?? =(

BQ – Have you ever done or used any techniques that have actually changed your eye color or have lightened them to say? What did you do exactly?

Thank you

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Chamomille tea in an eyedropper. And honey diluted in water. I read on hear a person said pee lightens eye coulor too which is really gross and I don’t recommend it might work tho. And also you can buy hearbal eye drops which will lighten eventually. Hope I helped 🙂

  • waldo
    4 days ago

    Ok so as someone who has been trying this myself I have gained results from several things. First off lemon juice can work but it must be diluted best if coupled with honey keep it diluted. Keep in mind it is a citric acid and it will burn your eyes but it won’t affect your vision. I know, I have tried it. Keep in mind this must be done for months to see any results at least from what I have been trying. There is another thing called MSM used for eye health in general but also in skin bleaching creams. You may want to look it up and research it, I have and I gave it ago. The problem with it is it burned a very noticeable burn that will almost make you cry if you have never done the eye drops before. But it won’t affect your vision if anything it’s said to improve it. Though I do not know the proper amounts I myself have seen results from these ways.

  • CrystalRain
    1 month ago

    Putting lemon juice in your eyes is putting acid in them, which will sting terribly and probably cause damage. The only way I have ever heard of changing eye color (besides just wearing color contacts) is the side-effects that come with certain lash-enhacing dyes, although this increases the amount of brown in your eyes, as opposed to making them lighter. I would say to leave your eyes as they are, and definitely do not try this lemon juice method. However, if I still haven’t convinced you, consult a doctor, preferably an optometrist, before doing something so drastic, permanent, and dangerous!

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    I soooo wish there was a way! I would like that too… I think a better place to look would be online (not here) at doctors’ studies about it. Stay away from eyelash lengthening and thickening products (mascara is fine though) which can make your eye even darker. Maybe something in the future will come out for us, but probably we were made like this for a reason. 🙂

  • Barbara
    5 days ago

    Try staying in the steam of a linden tea, every morning. Then wash your face with hot water After 1-2 weeks they’ll be lighter. It worked for me, hope it will work for you!

  • Gah.
    1 month ago

    your eye color is inside your eye…haha DO NOT put lemon juice in your eye. it can lighten your hair color, not eye color!

    lemon is a citrus and citrus fruits have acids in them. who knows what that could do to your eyes!

    you can make your eyes appear lighter by using darker colors as makeup, and vise versa.

    please dont put lemon juice in your eyes, and tell your friend they are on crack haha.

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