Kenwood Amp needs to be reset ?

I went on vacation and had to take out my amp and subs. When I was re-installing them, everything was working and then I went to route the speaker wire to the sub box and I think they made contact with a ground causing the amp to go into protection mode. My question is how do I reset the amp or correct this problem. I tried replacing the speaker wire. I checked all the connections and none of the settings changed. Anyone?

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  • Ben
    1 month ago

    you didn’t mention that you replaced the fuse on the amp, if you didn’t, that may be the problem with your amp.

  • elsberry
    5 days ago

    Kenwood Amp

  • cplkittle
    1 month ago

    If the amplifier does not reset itself when the problem is corrected and the power is reset, there is one more thing you can try.

    Disconnect ALL of the wires & RCAs from the amplifier EXCEPT for the ground. Take a small piece of wire and jump the battery positive terminal of the amp to the ground terminal. This will completely discharge all of the electronic components in the amplifier. Some of the older amps would ‘hang up’ and this was the only way to reset them.

  • KaeZoo
    1 month ago

    An amplifier in “protect” mode should reset itself once you correct the problem and switch the system off and on. If it’s still in protect with no speakers connected, then chances are the amplifier has been damaged internally.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    maybe a fuse is blown and you need to replace them before you reconect…you can tell if you look on top of the fuse and if its cracked.

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