Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation or Makeup forever HD foundation?? Beauty blender question too!?

i got a sephora giftcard for christmas and im going to sephora some time this week to buy the beauty blender & a new foundation. i need opinions!! I dont know which foundation is Better! i hear very very GOOD things about BOTH foundations… but if you must know i am very very light skin i am fair ( pink undertone) I have oily/combination skin… i use to be very oily but i think it has decreased a tad bit due to the acne medication i now use that makes my skin dry, not very dry but dry indeed. And yes i have acne prone skin and acne scarring! thats a big issue to me when picking out foundation i like/prefer Full coverage, nothing sheer or light cause i want to cover the scars as best as i can. i also prefer matte,, dewy is alright but i think i would have to touch it up more often. i hear Kat von D’s foundation is very good at covering up since it obviously can be used to cover tattoos, and i hear Makeup forever HD foundation is good at covering up too. i dont know which to choose? can any of you help me witht he pros and cons of the 2 foundations and help me decide which to go with? Also im going to buy the beauty blender since its good with blending foundation, making it appear less of a cakey mess etc. how much does the BB cost?? do i have to buy the cleanser that comes with it? i dont want to buy it i just want the blender. but thanks if u can help me!! :))

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  • Joanna
    8 days ago

    okay, to answer your question about which foundation you should buy, it depends on the level of coverage you want. the kat Con D Lock-It Tattoo foundation, is a very full coverage foundation, but on the other hand, the makeup forever HD foundation has a light-medium coverage, i have tried both foundations, but personally, i like the makeup forever hd foundation more, because its got such a beautiful beautiful finsh, and id really recommend it, but im not sure it would cover all your acne scarring. but there nothing a concealer wont cover up 😉 so personally id get the makeup forever, but my all time favourtie foundation, is the makeup forever matt velvet plus, its super duper full covering, but you can also thinnin it out by using a damp beauty blender or wet brush if you want, it has a matte finsh. (works with all foundations btw.) and now to answer about the beauty blender, i think theyre around 20$, well, thats how much i get it for since im from australia, and i get it online, and you dont have to buy the clenser. the beauty blender is truly an amazing invention, it just makes every foundation just so easy to apply and the finsh is so amazing! i makes the fullest coverage foundations look so flawless and natural! i definitely reccomend it. hope this helps you in choosing what you want to get.sorry theres so much un-important stuff. 🙂 x

  • Shane
    8 days ago

    I’ve tried both of them and of the two I like Makeup Forever HD, I personally found the Kat Von D way too heavy and fake looking. MUFE HD looks natural, have great coverage and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Kat Von D LIT doesn’t look as natural, it has great coverage but is better used as a body foundation for such things as coverage tattoos, and feels very heavy on the skin. So personally i’d go with MUFE HD.

    As far as BB goes, no you don’t have to buy the cleanser with it. You get the best deal buying it with the cleanser but you can buy just it for $19.95 for one or two for $25.95.

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