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Hey. I’m planning on auditioning for JYP next year. I live in Singapore, I’m Indian-Chinese, so my skin tone is tanned. This year (2010), I’m 13. I’m planning on taking hip-hop dance lessons twice a week, starting the end of this year. I can speak Chinese and English, and I want to enter JYP entertainment through its dance audition. I have questions about the audition. It would be great if someone who is or has been a trainee at JYP could answer my questions.

a. How many rounds are there to the audition? I’m planning on entering the Global Audition in Singapore. Please describe each round to the audition.

b. Can I audition for dance and only dance during the audition? Or do I have to sing too?

c. Which song should I perform?

d. I wear spectacles. Do I have to wear contact lenses for the audition?

e. I have tanned skin. Does this affect my chances of getting picked to be a trainee?

f. I’m a bit overweight. Do I have to lose weight so I can get picked?

g. How long does each audition last?

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  • 루비 (ruby)
    1 month ago

    Dear, why don’t you just apply this year SINGAPORE JYP Ent AUDITION.

    Seriously, this chance comes only once. And i heard there might not have

    JYP Audition again in Singapore. If this audition is over, you will only get to audition

    through online and that’s like 1% you might get in. JYP is really busy, and i don’t think

    he really have the time to look through all the videos.

    I know you want to enter through dance audition but currently JYP is not looking for

    dancers. Cause dancing can be trained during your training. Why don’t you try singing?

    You might have hope you know. If you’re joining and want to apply, check out Alpha’s Entertainment

    on Facebook. They update about this year JYP Audition. And this is just an information if you’re


    a) There’s only 2 rounds. (1 round, and if you get in then you will get to the final round)

    b) For this audition you can sing and dance at the same time, but no “just dancing”

    c) Pick the song that suit your voices the most!

    d) Babe, the stage is yours. Wear anything that makes you feel good! πŸ™‚

    e) What’s wrong with tanned skin? YG Ent has a dark skinned singer, do you know that?

    f) Try losing weight? BUT if you have talent, surely you get pick right? I mean JYP looks more

    for talents, than looks.

    g) Only 1 min per song. You have to prepare at least 3 songs.

    Remember, this chance only comes once and might not come again. Think carefully, do you want

    to wait for like 7 years so that you can go Korea and audition it live? Or now?

    Anything PM me! πŸ™‚ If you have any questions.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    You should learn Korean before Japanese if you’re going to audition for Korean company. Korean isn’t super duper duper hard, Arabic is probably way harder than Korean is. The writing is easy, but I’d say it’s the verbs that get difficult. You don’t HAVE to know it, but it’d be nice. I would suggest auditioning online on JYP’s site, unless you can go to Korea for a live audition, or New York where they also have a headquarters.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Just Dance Audition

  • JoongHyun
    1 month ago

    Are you beautiful?

    Are you the most amazing singer actor or dancer ever?

    Are you skinny or have a great body?

    Are you korean anyway shape or form?

    Are you tall?

    I know your thing says parts of it

    And all that bullcrap about everyone has a chance, but trust me

    Everyone.doesnt have a chance

    Unless you’re all of the above I suggest you not give yourself a hard time

    Cause trust

    The chances of bill gates becoming poor are higher than you getting into jyp or any korean ent

    They look for the best and the beautiful

    And the korean

    If my answer was too harsh, grow up and welcome to life

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    a. two. there might not be global auditions in singapore next year. but there is one soon, on 11th dec this year.

    b. yes you can but it’s better to do both.

    c. anything that compliments your vocal range and voice.

    d. no. jyp doesnt really judge you on your looks. they look for talent. sm chooses artistes based on looks.

    e. it might.

    f. no, shindong is also overweight. they will do whatever training they can to help you lose the weight. focus on your talent for the moment.

    g. depends on them.

  • Ns
    1 month ago

    there are two rounds..first and last

    sing would be good..sing and dance..better or otherwise..

    what songs do you love and stands out your voice? doesn’t matter what language πŸ™‚

    just wear specs if you feel comfortable with it..

    tanned skin..? overweight..? who cares..just go and boost your confidence πŸ˜€

    1 person takes 1-2 minutes..so if you would times let say 500 people and the waiting time.. haha only god knows..i don’t know..:P

    you can do it! πŸ™‚ believe in yourself.. ok? haha i’m applying this to myself too.. hehehe all the best!!

  • Kayla Y
    1 month ago

    a. three rounds, im sorry, i dnt know the roubds because ive never auditioned, but im going tk be auditioning for yge nd cube entertainment, and maybe sme soon, (maybe ill tell u about it..?)

    b. you maybe have to do both if u wna e a singer also, most people who audition to dance, will most likely become a singer/rapper or whatever..

    c. for singing or dancing ?? if dancing, choose one that u feel most best eith abd feel like its ur best work, choreography or whtevr.. bd for singing, choose whatevr complimets ur voice and if t feels comfortable to u..

    d. its basically up to u.. but they have to know that you wear glasses or spectacles..

    e. it mite effect u in getting to be a trainee unless if they give you whitening cream like snsd tiffany (no offense, but its the truth) but they mite give u whitening cream, if not, it mite effect u getting to be a trainee.. srry i dnt know mch bout ths ques.

    f. im mot aure if theyll be picky about that.. but it should be fine since super juniors shindong is oveewieght..

    g. it usually depends..

  • shekaina
    6 days ago

    I fill up the formed but i tried to log in i cant access my acount .what shall i do? ang how to upload my files.

    please help me.. Sir/Ma’am

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