I’ve a party to attend tommorow and the theme is tapori and chamiya.?

Guys have to dress up like tapori’s and girls are suppose to dress like chamiya. Any ideas how to dress like chamiya (apart from ghagra choli). Thanks….

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  • Baby on Board
    1 month ago

    Wear a low waist jeans with colourful jazzy top on it. Wear a thick Gold chain. Hot red lipstick and hot read nail paint. Give your hair a wet look with one curl loose on your face on sides. Wear a high heel pencil heels sandles with fine hot read streaps colour or Golden colour. Carry a hot read or Golden coloured batwa / pouch kind of thing on it.

    Else you can also wear a hot read coloured sarre with a blouse which you can tie from behind. Sarree you can wear below your navel and do the same kind of make up.

    And on both these costumes make sure that you have paan in your mouth if you can eat it. It will give proper chamiya look.

    Hope this will work out and look good.

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